When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 149

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 149

Avery spoke first.

“Tomorrow is a weekend. Are you free?”

“In the morning or afternoon?” Elliot asked.

His voice sounded low and hoarse, yet it was still filled with the same magnetism and was just as attractive as it had been four years ago.

“In the morning!” Avery answered.

Her judgment was impaired by the alcohol. She felt particularly brave, and so, she spoke without thinking things through.

“Remember to bring along your ID and marriage certificate. If our meeting goes well, we could sign the divorce papers tomorrow morning itself!”

Elliot had not expected Avery to be this aggressive.

It was completely different from what Chad described.

“You’ll regret this, Avery,” Elliot said as his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat, and his grip around his phone tightened.

“I won’t f*cking regret it!”

Elliot’s words had angered Avery.

“If the divorce goes through tomorrow, I’m getting some fireworks and setting them off for the next twenty-four hours!” Avery said, then burst into laughter.

As Elliot listened to her charming laugh, he realized that something was off.

“Did you drink, Avery?” he asked.

She had never even used to touch a drop of alcohol!

Not only was she drinking now, but she was drunk.

A raging fury ignited in Elliot.

“What can you do about it?! I’ll drink when I want to. No one can control me!” Avery yelled arrogantly.

“We’re getting a divorce tomorrow!” Elliot hissed through gritted teeth.

It was true that nobody could control Avery.

As the head of Alpha Technologies, she was worth billions.

They may be husband and wife, but that was purely in name.

No, their relationship no longer existed even in name!

Everyone around them knew that they had broken up.

Since that was the case, then it was time to put a full stop to this marriage!

Avery was clapping her hands.

Elliot was livid and hung up on her.

If he stayed on the phone, his blood pressure would reach a breaking point.

When her phone screen turned dark, Avery let out a dry laugh, then fell back heavily on the bed.

“I’m finally free! We’re finally getting a divorce!”

Avery chuckled, staring at the ceiling as hot tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes.

“Elliot… I do feel regret… I regret meeting you. I regret marrying you. I regret falling for you…”

The next day, as sunlight poured in through the windows, Avery rubbed her sleepy eyes as she lay in bed.

Her head was pounding from all the alcohol she had consumed the night before.

She reached out to grab her phone, then saw a text message from Elliot.

He had sent her the meeting location at midnight.

Avery put her phone down and massaged her aching temples.

Once the pain began to subside, she got out of bed.

Avery arrived at the cafe that Elliot reserved at ten in the morning.

She wore a black dress with her hair pulled back. She had even dabbed on some light makeup.

However, her exquisite makeup did not manage to cover her fatigued and bloodshot eyes.

She ordered a cup of black coffee.

Half an hour later, she was finished with it.

Avery glanced at the time, then ordered another cup.

By eleven in the morning, she had already finished her second cup of coffee.

She did not order a third.

Avery pulled out her phone and dialed Elliot’s number.

They had agreed to meet at ten, but why was he nowhere to be seen?

Did he change his mind about the divorce, or did something happen?


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