When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 155

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Hayden did not respond to Layla’s words, but a firm conviction materialized in his mind.

He had to become stronger and more powerful!

He had to protect his sister, his mother, and his grandmother!


On Monday, Avery met Elliot’s lawyer.

Once the divorce paperwork was dealt with, the lawyer said to Avery, “Miss Tate, I’ve prepared the contract for the building you want to purchase.”

Avery was taken aback, then asked, “He entrusted that to you?”

The lawyer nodded, then pulled out the contract from his briefcase and said, “Please take a look. What’s important is the price.”

Avery took the contract and looked straight at the asking price.

Forty million dollars!

That was the amount Elliot had first bought the building for.

He would lose money if he sold Tate Tower to Avery at this price!

In the span of four years, one could get a decent interest from putting forty million in a deposit account at a bank.

“What does he mean by this?” Avery asked in confusion.

“I believe Mr. Foster decided to sell the building to you at the original price due to the fact that you were once married,” explained the lawyer.

“I don’t need him to do me this favor. I heard that the building is worth around eighty million dollars based on its current market price,” Avery said. “I won’t allow him to sell the building to me at a loss. I’ll give him ninety million dollars for it.”

“I’ll give Mr. Foster a call and ask,” said the lawyer.

“There’s no need for that. Just take the contract back and change the price. We’ll just sign it ourselves. I no longer have any connection to him. He’s a businessman; profit is the priority. He won’t give you trouble for it.”

After a moment’s consideration, the lawyer nodded and said, “In that case, I’ll contact you again once the new contract is ready.”

“Alright,” Avery replied.

Over at Angela Special Needs Academy, a tragedy was playing out in the splendid, castle-like building.

“Stop crying! I’ll stop being nice if you don’t stop!”

“Exactly! Your parents died in a car crash last month! They may have paid us thirty years’ worth of your fees, but nobody would ever come see you again! If you don’t quiet down, then you can forget about having lunch and dinner today!”

The sound of harsh yelling intermingled with the weeping of a girl.

Hayden walked by the room and took a peek inside.

In it was a teenage girl with cerebral palsy who was unable to fend for herself.

The nursing staff were chastising her for getting her breakfast on her clothes.

Hayden took a seat on the floor and booted his laptop.

His fingers began to clack away expertly at the keyboard.

Soon after, the nursing staff’s terrified screams came from the room behind him.

“Why did the roomba suddenly run into me?!”

“I don’t know! Huh? Why is the microwave lighting up?!”

“That’s creepy! Is this place haunted? Ahhh!”

Both nurses instantly ran out of the room, and the roomba ran right after them!

Hayden yawned lazily, then shut his laptop.

The moment he stood up, he was met with a pair of pure, beautiful eyes.

The owner of those eyes was a beautiful woman.

She had a hime haircut and was wearing a pink puffy dress.

She looked like a fairy who had mistakenly wandered into the human realm.

“You’re so cool, Big Brother! Can you get me out of here?” Shea Foster blinked her heartbreaking, wide eyes and said helplessly, “They want to open up my brain… It’s going to hurt for sure… I’m so scared…”

Hayden’s brows furrowed.

This woman looked at least thirty years old!

Yet she was calling him “Big Brother”!

From the looks of it, she was mentally no older than three!