When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 156

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Elliot was in his study at the mansion, passing some documents to Zoe.

“She is physically weaker than the average woman, and she is autistic, but apart from that, there is nothing wrong with her,” said Elliot. “I was hoping that her IQ would be a little higher so that she is a little more aware of the world around her.”

“Mr. Foster, is your sister enrolled in Angela Special Needs Academy?”

Elliot replied, “Yeah.”

“Can I meet her?” asked Zoe. “I need to talk to her. After that, I will conduct a full medical examination.”

Elliot raised his head and said, “Sure.”

Zoe looked at the time. “Let’s go!”

“Miss Sanford, we should discuss payment!”

They had not once talked about payment after Chelsea had brought her over.

Zoe smiled and said, “Let’s not talk about payment yet. I won’t charge you a penny if I can’t cure your sister. We can talk about payment after I cure her.”

Elliot noted that the freest service tended to be the most expensive.

He preferred that the other party state their price upfront.

“How do you deal with Chelsea? It must affect your work to come back to the country.”

Zoe replied, “Mr. Foster, I’m here on vacation. I have just finished a major project, so I’m taking two months off work.”

Elliot said, “I should give you a deposit first!”

Zoe noted his insistence. Finally, she caved in and said, “Alright, I will give you my bank details. Do what you will with that!”

He stopped frowning.

Elliot and Zoe hopped into the car at ten that morning. They were headed toward Angela Special Needs Academy.

At that moment, Angela Special Needs Academy was a mess.

Shea Foster was missing!

Elliot had hired a special person responsible for her care.

She used to be a nanny at the Foster family.

She was loyal to the Fosters, and she took care of Shea very well.

She was frightened when Shea went missing!

Shea had always been a good girl. She would not go anywhere without the company of her nanny.

Shea’s nanny had instantly informed the academy when she had discovered that Shea had gone missing.

The authorities instantly got all their staff to search the entire academy.

Meanwhile, they headed toward the security room to check the security footage.

For some reason, there was no footage to be found as there was a system error!

“I called for maintenance!” A member of the security staff said. “The footage suddenly blacked out half an hour ago. We tried everything, but we couldn’t get it back on.”

The headmaster looked severe when he asked, “Will anything happen to the data?”

A member of the security shook his head and said, “We don’t know what’s the reason for the blackout. If it’s just an ordinary system error, the footage won’t be affected. I’m afraid this might be an intentional attack.”

The nanny went soft in the knees. She almost passed out. “Did someone kidnap Miss Foster? No… I have to call Mr. Foster!”

The headmaster supported her and said, “I will contact the security at the gates right away! The security guard would know if Miss Foster went out! They didn’t call me to report it, that means Miss Foster has not left the academy yet!”

The nanny sighed in relief.

The headmaster called the security guard at the gates.

“I didn’t see Miss Foster exit,” said the security guard.

The guard, however, did not mention that there had been a blackout twenty minutes ago.

The security guard instantly left his post and checked on the electrical vault.

The headmaster wiped the sweat off his forehead. He told the nanny, “Miss Foster did not exit the building. As long as she’s here at the academy, we will find her!”