When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 157

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The nanny felt awful. She nodded and said, “I will look for her!”

Thirty minutes later, Elliot had parked his car at Angela Special Needs Academy.

After he parked the car, he and Shea walked to the pink building where Shea was staying at.

She was staying alone.

She had workers tend to the chores, teach her, and take care of all her medical needs.

Elliot opened the door. The room was quiet.

He furrowed his brows.

The nanny was informed of his arrival and rushed over.

“Mr. Foster! Miss Shea is missing!” Her eyes were red from crying. “We searched the entire campus, but we couldn’t find her! Plus, the security footage is broken and I have no idea where did she go… My Shea… My voice is hoarse from all the yelling. She wouldn’t ignore me if she heard my voice.”

He instantly tensed and clenched his fists!

“I told her last night that you hired an amazing doctor. I said she would recover after the surgery… She asked me what the surgery was about… I shouldn’t have told her. My answer scared her. She cried from having nightmares last night. I think she is hiding because she is afraid.” The nanny knelt on the floor in guilt.

Elliot was hurt, but he could not be mad at the nanny.

Throughout the years the nanny had tried her best to care for Shea. She had never made a mistake before.

Shea was probably hiding because she was afraid.

“You searched the entire campus, but you can’t find her?” Elliot yelled. “Has she left the campus?!”

The nanny cried and said, “The security guard at the gates said that he did not see Miss Shea walk out the gates! Should we tell the staff to drain the campus lake? What if Miss Shea fell into the lake? She can’t swim!”

In that instant, his face turned solemn.

“I’ll order someone to drain the lake immediately!” The headmaster called someone immediately before Elliot could speak.

Suddenly, the head of security rushed over.

“Sir! Mr. Foster! The security room blacked out this morning around ten o’clock. The security guard at the gates went to check on the electrical vault! He left his post for ten minutes! We can confirm that Miss Shea did not run out during those ten minutes.”

Elliot was stunned.

Shea had the mind of a three-year-old child. She could not survive in the outside world!

People would treat her as an adult because of her appearance. They would not treat her like a child.

What if some miscreant could tell that she was atypical… Elliot felt a sharp pain in his head. He did not dare imagine what could happen to her!

He strode out of the room and ordered his entire staff to search the city!

He also rang the police and told them to acquire the security footage from the camera that lay outside the academy.

He had to find Shea as soon as possible!

Otherwise, she would be in danger!

Meanwhile, Laura was at Starry River Villa, looking at the woman Hayden had brought home. Her expression did not betray how shocked she felt.

“Grandma, someone wants to slice her head open,” Hayden explained. “I don’t want her to d*e. She’ll stay with us for a while.”

Laura hugged Hayden and said, “Hayden, she must have a family. Let’s take her back home. Otherwise, her family will be worried!”

Hayden asked Shea, “Do you have a family?”

She did not understand what family meant, so she shook her head.

“Grandma, she’s sick.” He furrowed his brows and said, “Let mom cure her before we let her go.”

Laura sighed and asked, “How did you come home from school? Does the teacher know you left?”

“Oh… I have to go back to school,” he said. He looked at Shea and said, “Behave yourself!”

Shea nodded obediently.

Laura watched Hayden get into a cab and left for school. She quickly called Avery after he left.

“Avery! Are you free at the moment? Come back home if you’re not busy! Hayden brought a woman back home!”