When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 159

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She had thought of all the scenarios, but never once did she imagine that her rival in love would be atypical.

Was it the reason why Elliot would not mention it to her?

Avery walked to the sofa and sat down. She buried her face in her hands. It was hard to process.

“Avery, what’s wrong?” Laura sat next to her daughter and asked, “Don’t you know her? Your conversation with her was so weird.”

Avery said, “Mom, I have a headache right now. Please leave me alone.”

Laura said, “Alright. I will tidy the guest room.”

Avery grabbed her arm and said, “Mom, don’t. She knew Elliot back then, and their relationship was unusual… I’ll drive her somewhere later.”

Laura looked horrified.

Shea also looked horrified.

She was frightened when she heard the word ‘Elliot’.

She began crying again. She shook her head while she wailed.

Laura held her hand and comforted her. She asked, “Don’t be scared, do you know Elliot?”

Shea shook her head vigorously.

If she had not shaken her head, she would have been sent back.

If she were sent back, they would slice open her head.

She did not want that!

She would rather stay with this stranger than go back there and have the surgery!

Avery thought her reaction was ridiculous!

The woman did not remember Elliot Foster?!

The lake at Angela Special Needs Academy was drained, and they searched the campus in its entirety twice.

Hayden entered the academy and noticed all the busy staff members. He lowered his flat cap.

He headed toward the other side while carrying his backpack.

He passed through the parking lot and saw a black Rolls-Roice.

He edged closer to the car to get a better look at it.

That car had made his mom nervously turn around when she drove him to the academy.

He wondered who owned the car.

He looked at the car number plate.

Suddenly, Elliot, the academy authorities, and the bodyguards walked out from the side of the building

“Mr. Foster, according to our investigation, someone hacked our security system and electrical vault, at around ten in the morning.”

Elliot frowned, “Find out who this person is!”

“We have contacted the best hackers in the world. We will get to the bottom of this as soon as possible!” said the vice headmaster. “It is also likely that the hacker is someone in the academy.

It isn’t easy to hack into the security system and electrical vault, but the hacker did it easily. They must have snuck in here a long time ago and prepared for this moment!”

Elliot said, “Lock down the campus area!”

The vice headmaster replied, “Yes! I will examine everyone myself!”

Hayden hid at the corner of the parking lot. By the car plate number, Hayden discovered that it was Elliot who owned the car.

Why was his mother afraid of Elliot?

Hayden began quickly typing away. He began investigating Elliot.

Soon, Hayden found the news regarding the car crash that had taken place five years ago.

A while later, he saw the news about his divorce.


Elliot Foster had just gotten a divorce that very day!

His ex-wife was… his mom?!

His mom and that man had been married!

Hayden was confused.

His mom and Cole Foster had two children.

However, she had married Elliot Foster.

So, the real question was, did his mom like Cole or Elliot?

Hayden was too deep in thought. It was the reason he had not noticed that Elliot was now right in front of him!