When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 163

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“That’s right! How silly of me. Best decision you ever made, divorcing that man!” Tammy let out a sigh of relief. “How’s your schedule like tomorrow? I’ll buy you dinner. We are celebrating you being single at long last!”

“My schedule is packed. I own the Tate Tower now,” said Avery.

“Yes, yes, I heard all about it from Jun. It cost you a hundred million dollars, my loaded friend.”

“Eighty million dollars,” said Avery, unfazed. “He returned the extra twenty million dollars to me this evening.”

“Pfft! What is this between you two? Playing around like children,” Tammy scoffed.

“I’m setting some clear boundaries between us,” said Avery.

“Well, I agree. It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing. This man is vicious. I told Jun to stay away from him!” Tammy sounded resentful.

“It’s getting late. Have a good night’s rest, I can barely keep my eyes open.” Avery was really exhausted at this point. Her eyelids felt like they weighed a thousand pounds.

Elliot had proved his love and commitment for Shea. In the eyes of millions of people, it was all very touching.

This was good. She could finally let go of her feelings for Elliot.

Meanwhile, in another luxurious apartment, Chelsea had seen the one hundred and sixty million dollars reward on the news and she could not quite make sense out of it.

“Shea… Who?” she thought.

When and where did this woman come from?

Chelsea had overseen Elliot’s business for years, and not once had she heard of this woman called Shea.

She noticed that Shea had a hime-cut hairstyle, and she was wearing a pink puffy dress in that missing person’s notice.

She remembered the time that Avery had pulled a prank on her.

She could not understand why Elliot had gotten so mad at the time.

Now, after looking at Shea’s photo, she had finally understood.

No other woman, save for Shea, had a haircut like that. Shea was special. No one could imitate her.

Tears streamed silently down her face. Chelsea raised her wine glass and downed its contents.

Feeling tipsy, she picked up her phone and called her brother Charlie who was overseas.

“Charlie…you know… Elliot has someone else in his mind all this time…” Chelsea could barely speak. “He’s willing to spend millions of dollars on Shea! Have you heard of this woman, Shea?”

Charlie spoke, “No I haven’t. Chelsea, I told you not to go back to that country, and you ignored my advice. What good has it brought you?”

“Charlie, oh my dear brother, I feel foolish, even more so than Avery.” Chelsea began sobbing before suddenly breaking into manic laughter.

“Guess what? Avery bought the Tate Tower and she paid one hundred million dollars for it. One hundred million! I would never be able to do that, but that woman is one h**l of a loaded b***h!” said Chelsea.

Four years ago, Chelsea would not even look Avery in the eye. She had thought of her as some high street commoner, and she had thought that Avery would be nobody without Elliot.

Everything had changed since then. She no longer felt confident when she heard the name, Avery Tate.

Charlie was astonished. “Wow! Since when did Avery Tate become rich?”

“Yeah. I’m the only one who’s regressing. Elliot is never going to be interested in me. Even without Shea… Avery is younger and much more successful than I will ever be. I am a disgrace…”

“Hey Chelsea, get over it already!”

Charlie felt sorry for his sister. “Elliot is not who you think he is. He is just a greedy j**k. He has you, Avery, and somehow he still manages to find space in his heart for someone else.

“Plus, there is that whole thing about him murdering his father. That is a clear sign of violent tendencies! You have to stop wasting your time on this j**k!”

Chelsea pulled her hair with her fingers and mumbled “Fine… Charlie… I know what to do now…”

It was three o’clock at night when Layla was rudely awoken. Shea was burning up. She forced open her eyes and touched Shea. She was having a high fever. Layla got up and switched on the bedside table lamp. Shea’s fever had caused her skin to turn red. Confused and half awake, Shea muttered in her sleep, “Big Brother… Big Brother hug… Hug Little Shea Shea was having a dream about Elliot, her brother.