When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 164

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 164

Layla jumped off her bed and yelled for her Mommy.

Avery rushed into her daughter’s room with a medical kit in hand. Her hair was a mess.

“Go to your brother’s room, Layla,” instructed Avery. She felt Shea and realized that the fever was bad.

Layla nodded. Her eyes were filled with worry, “Mommy, did Shea catch a cold? Do I turn off the aircond?”

Avery answered, “There are many ways to catch a fever. I don’t think she caught a cold.” The temperature in the room was fine, so there was no way she could have gotten sick that way.

Avery sent Layla to Hayden’s room before she went right back to Shea.

The thermometer read at one hundred and three degrees. She must bring down Shea’s fever immediately.

Avery began running a saline drip, and she also brought a large bowl of warm water from the washroom in an attempt to bring down Shea’s temperature.

It was three o’clock in the morning, and Avery was tending to her rival.

After everything was done, Avery sat by the bed, and she could not help but feel sorry for herself.

Why did God make her go through this? How was she going to return Shea back to Elliot?

God knows that she had never intended to cause him misery.

Avery’s head felt like imploding.

Meanwhile, in Hayden’s room, Layla lay down in bed and woke Hayden up. Once Avery walked out of the room, Hayden asked Layla, “What’s going on?”

“Shea has a fever, and she keeps calling for her brother in her sleep. She must be missing you, but I knew you were asleep, so I let her be,” Layla sounded slightly upset.

“Mommy’s there for her. She will be fine,” Hayden said.

“Well, you see,” Hayden replied, with a sigh, “if I were to go missing, Mommy’s going to be very upset and nervous about it. Not just her, even you and Grandma would be worried too.”

Hayden suddenly remembered something, and said, “Mommy has a husband.”

Layla was stunned, “WHAT? Mommy’s husband, who is he? Is he Cole Foster?”

“No. Mommy’s husband is that dirtbag dad’s uncle.”

Layla sat up straight and made Hayden sit up as well.

“Tell me more about it, brother,” Layla’s eyes glistened in the dark room.

“Elliot Foster,” Hayden said. “Mommy has just divorced him.”

“Is he good looking?” Layla asked hopefully. She had always paid attention to looks.

“He is very old,” answered Hayden.

Layla scoffed, looking displeased. “But he is super wealthy,” Hayden added.

“Brother, do you have a photo of him? I want to take a look at it, please,” Layla said.

“But he’s not mommy’s husband anymore,” Hayden said.

Layla felt deprived. “I can’t sleep if you don’t show it to me. Just let me take a peek. One glance. Please?”

Hayden had no choice. He got down from the bed, turned on his computer, and found a photo of Elliot for his sister.

Layla stared intently at Elliot’s face, taking it all in. “…He looks dashing! Brother, he is a lot more handsome than that dirtbag of a dad!”

“He’s a dirtbag too,” Hayden replied half-heartedly. “Otherwise, why would Mommy divorce such a man?”

Layla snapped, “Brother, we are such unfortunate siblings! Our biological father was a dirtbag, and now the ex-stepfather is one too! The Fosters are all vicious!”

Hayden shut his computer, held his sister’s hand, climbed into bed, and said, “Time to sleep now.”

Avery sat by the Shea till five in the morning now.

After two bottles of medical saline, Shea’s temperature was back to normal. Avery dragged herself back to her room.

It was seven in the morning now, and Layla and Hayden had both gotten up and had gone to check on Shea.