When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 165

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 165

Layla and Hayden found Shea in a state of unrest. She was mumbling in a low voice, “Brother… Brother…”

The siblings frowned and hurried to her bedside.

Shea’s face was red, and her skin felt really warm. “She’s got a fever again! I am going to get Mommy!” Layla said as she dashed for Avery.

Hayden held Shea’s hands still and tried to comfort her, “Shea! Don’t worry!”

Shea opened her eyes slightly when she heard Hayden’s voice.

She thought that her brother, Elliot, had come to her at last!

Shea felt as if she was d***g of heat.

“Brother… hug me…” Shea cried. Hayden felt helpless. He could not hug her as he was too small when compared to Shea.

Hayden waited for his Mommy to tend to Shea. “Brother, do you not want Shea anymore? Why don’t you hug me?” Shea cried hysterically. Streams of tears flowed from her eyes.

Hayden looked just like Elliot as a child. It was no wonder Shea had mistaken him for Elliot.

Avery rushed over to Shea as soon as she heard the news.

“Your temperature is rising really fast.” She placed her hands on Shea’s forehead. Shea was worse than she had been last night. “This is not good,” said Avery. “We need to take her to the hospital and get a diagnosis now.”

Layla looked at Shea’s flushed face that was filled with despair and asked softly, “Mommy, is she going to d*e?”

“Don’t worry Layla. Mommy is taking her to the hospital right now.” Avery comforted her daughter as she gave Shea some medicine to bring down the fever.

Laura had gotten up earlier, and she rushed over when she heard the situation.

“Avery, do you think we should call for an ambulance?” asked Laura. Avery considered her suggestion for a moment, struggling to come to a decision.

If she called for an ambulance now, someone was bound to recognize Shea, and they would surely inform Elliot.

Once Elliot got hold of Shea, he would definitely take her to Zoe Sanford.

James had once told her that Zoe was incapable of treating Shea.

Therefore, there was no good reason to return Shea to Elliot in the state she was, right?

Was she just going to watch Shea suffer till she died?

“Mom, do you think I should help her?” Avery turned to Laura. Her voice was hoarse, and her hands were clenched into a fist.

Laura looked at her daughter, understanding what she was going through, “You are not obligated to help, my dear. There is nothing wrong with that.”

“But I’m not just Elliot Foster’s ex-wife. I am also a doctor!” cried Avery.

Her tears rolled down her cheeks.

Moments later, she took a huge breath, wiped away her tears, and helped Shea get off the bed.

At the Sterling Group offices, everyone was talking about the same issue.

“Have you heard of Shea? What’s the deal with her and the boss?”

“Must be his lover! An underground lover. I would do the same if I were him. A pretty doll face for a lover. Don’t you think Shea looks like one?”

“Agreed. She’s the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen! It’s no wonder our boss is spending millions looking for her.”

High and low, the entire corporation could not keep it to themselves.

Chad took a sip of his coffee, “I have never heard our boss speak of her.”

Ben took a sip of his coffee too, and snapped, “I’ve known him longer, and even I have not heard of her. I thought we were best friends, but now I’m starting to doubt that. It’s humiliating.”

Chad tried to make Ben feel better, “Ben, I heard that Shea had gone missing close to Angela Special Needs Academy. I took the liberty to do some digging, and found out that it was a school for people who have special needs.”

Ben looked serious. “I looked it up too. This woman is not simple. Never had I thought that Elliot had a taste for people like her.”

Chad gasped. “…Are you making a p*****t out of our boss?”

Ben squinted his eyes and said wrily, “Why would he keep it such a secret if he wasn’t one?”

Chad was convinced.

“Now I know why Avery wanted a divorce, she must have found out about this.” Ben continued, “Avery left him because of them.”