When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 166

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Ben made assumption as though he were god or Avery.

Chad really wanted to call Avery for verification, but he did not dare.

She had divorced their boss. Perhaps she would not even pick up his call.

“Ben, have you called the boss?” Chad asked.

Ben sighed resentfully, “If this woman named Shea didn’t get lost, I bet he would hide it for the rest of his life. This is something he doesn’t want to disclose. If I ask, won’t it annoy him?”

Chad continued, “Well, Shea has yet been found. I guess his mood has just gotten worse.”

Hayden was at Angela Special Needs Academy when he saw the news that Elliot had spent a fortune on trying to locate Shea. He had mixed feelings about that.

“What is the relationship between Elliot and Shea?” he wondered.

He typed [Shea] into the search engine.

However, no information about her could be found at all.

‘Shea’ was her first name, and he wondered what her full name could be.

Hayden hacked into Angela Academy’s system, but what he found was that her only name listed was ‘Shea’.

Did she not have a last name?

Or did her family deliberately do this to protect her?

Who was her family?

Hayden had no other information about her, so the only thing he could do was continue investigating Elliot.

After searching out Elliot’s family members, Hayden frowned.

There was no one named Shea amongst the Foster family.

Elliot had only one elder brother.

This left only one other explanation for the nature of the relationship between Elliot and Shea.

That was, the relationship between a man and a woman!

If Cole Foster was a sc*mbag, then Elliot was the king of all sc*mbags!

How could he carry on a relationship of that nature with a woman who was psychologically unsound.

At the same time, Chelsea had found Zoe.

Zoe was currently living in a mansion that Elliot had secured for her. There were twenty-four hour nannies and bodyguards in the mansion to care for her.

After Chelsea came over, she was saddened to see the luxurious villa and servants.

“Doctor Sanford, can we chat outside?”

Zoe nodded.

Shea was lost, and Zoe had nothing to do.

The two were walking in the neighborhood, with bodyguards following not far away.

“Doctor Sanford, do you know who Shea is to Elliot?” Chelsea had not slept. Once she had sobbered up, questions plagued her.

Zoe shook her head, “Miss Tierney, I didn’t ask, and he didn’t say anything.”

“Can you ask him? I’ve been by his side for many years, and not once have I heard about this woman. I’m rather shocked and curious!” Chelsea was growing agitated.

Zoe looked at her calmly, “Miss Tierney, this is a private matter. I won’t ask, and if you’re that curious, you can ask him yourself.”

“I asked him before, but he wouldn’t tell me.”

“If he won’t tell you, then why would he tell me? I’ve only met him twice,” said Zoe rationally. “Didn’t he just get divorced yesterday? At least it’s certain that he and Shea are not husband and wife.”

Chelsea said, “I know they are not husband and wife. How could he marry an abnormal woman? But he did spend one hundred and sixty million dollars on her… It’s incredible.”

“If you’re jealous, you can always find ways to get him to spend money on you.”

Chelsea frowned, “I didn’t mean that! I didn’t want him to spend money on me. I just want him-” She did not truly want to reveal that all she wanted was to have Elliot fall in love with her.

Zoe interrupted her, “The way a man proves his love for you is by his willingness to spend money on you.”

Chelsea felt enlightened.

“It’s hopeless for me now. I’m suffering because he found a woman with a disability better than me! If that’s the case, he’s better off with Avery!” Chelsea murmured.

“You’re so selfless,” teased Zoe.

“Don’t make fun of me. I’m already miserable enough. I lost to Avery, and now, I have lost to a r****d! And now I’m even doubting myself.”

Zoe looked at Chelsea and said nothing.

She was suddenly very interested in Avery.