When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 168

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 168

“Why did that little girl borrow your phone?” asked Elliot cautiously.

“She got separated from her father, and she wanted to borrow my phone to call him. Since I met her, there is not a day that goes by that I haven’t been plagued with bad luck! I think she cursed me!” Cole’s cheeks were swollen, and he looked particularly miserable with the tears streaming down her face.

Elliot stared at him. He looked like a loser. “Do you still remember what she looks like?” Elliot asked. Elliot’s lips were pressed into a thin, grim line.

Cole immediately answered, “Yes! She’s very beautiful! If it wasn’t for her beauty, I wouldn’t have lent her my phone in the first place! As I said last time, she looks like Avery!”

When Elliot heard these four words, he looked a little defeated. “Go put on some medicine.”

“Uncle, I’m fine… I want to know how my phone got set up! It automatically sent my private photos to my blind date, messing up my blind date. I suspect that it is also bugged!” Cole winced from the pain.

He had no idea how he had become a target for hackers.

He was clueless as to who he had offended.

“Cole, go back to your room and get your mother to help you with your medicine. I want to talk to your uncle alone,” said Henry.

Cole got up and went to his room.

Once the two brothers were alone in the living room, Henry said, “This hacker is aggressive. First, he installed a Trojan virus on Cole’s phone, and after that, he stole all of Cole’s data. He then proceeded to hack into Shea’s school. This is an organized attack! Why did they kidnap Shea? It’s been a whole day, and they haven’t taken the initiative to contact us.”

This problem was also troubling Elliot.

If they wanted money, he could have easily given it to them!

He was only worried that they would hurt Shea!

“Elliot, have you offended anyone?” Henry asked.

Elliot replied, “It must be someone in the academy. A month before the incident, I had asked someone to look through the academy’s personnel records.”

“Well, I believe your security must be very strict. Mother and I haven’t been able to see Shea these past few years. It must be more difficult for outsiders to approach her,” Henry sighed. “If Shea hadn’t walked off by herself, then this incident would not have happened.”

“It’s not Shea’s fault.” Elliot tightened his knuckles slightly and said guiltily, “She was just afraid, so she left.”

“I don’t mean to blame her. She’s just a child. What does she know?” Henry’s eyes were a little red. “I hope she’s still alive.”

It was the morning of the next day, and Avery had still yet to return.

Layla’s eyes were red and filled with tears.

“Grandma, I don’t want to go to kindergarten…” Layla sniffed. “I want to see mom.”

Laura too was stressed, and she acquiesced. “Then let’s not go to the kindergarten today. Wait until your mother comes back, okay?”

Layle pursed her lips and nodded.

After breakfast, Hayden leaned toward Layla, “Do you want to see mom?” he whispered into her ear.

Layla’s eyes instantly brightened up, and she nodded hastily.

“Grandma, I’ll take her to the neighborhood to play for a while, and we’ll be back later.” Hayden took Layla’s hand as he spoke to Laura.

“Hayden, are you not going to school today? Ah, forget it. Go ahead and have some fun!” Laura sighed.

Hayden walked out with Layla in hand.

The siblings got into a taxi.

Hayden gave the name of a hospital.

Layla whispered, “Is mommy in this hospital?”

Hayden nodded.

Avery walked out of the operation theater of Elizabeth Hospital. She felt the world spinning around her, and she almost fell.

“Mom!” Layla threw herself in front of Avery and hugged her legs.

Hayden also came to stand by her side, and his little hand latched onto the hem of her clothes.

Avery looked at the two children as her red eyes filled with surprise.

“Why are you two here?” Avery’s exhaustion was wiped away. “Who has told you that I’m here? Where’s your grandmother?”