When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 170

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 170

Elliot got a response to his request twenty minutes later.

“Mr. Foster, I contacted Elizabeth Hospital just now, and they told me that the surveillance system of the hospital is undergoing maintenance, so there is no footage.”

Hearing his subordinate’s answer, Elliot frowned.

Was it really a coincidence?

Was there truly no surveillance for that day, or was someone deliberately keeping it from outsiders?

“Clear all the news and pictures of this incident on the internet!” Elliot ordered.

“Okay, Mr. Foster. I’ll do it now.”

About an hour later, all the information pertaining to Elliot and his search for Shea, including the one hundred and sixty million dollar reward was gone. Even all the photos of her had been deleted.


Avery slept very deeply.

If it was not for the phone ringing, she would never have woken up.

Tammy had already called her many times before Avery finally answered her phone. Even then she had allowed it to ring for more than a minute.

“Hello…” As soon as she spoke, she yawned.

“Avery! Don’t tell me that you’re sleeping! It’s only seven! Are you taking a nap or calling it a day?!” Tammy’s voice was sharp.

Avery rubbed her sleep filled eyes and looked out the window.

It was still bright.

However, it was going to get dark soon.

“Tammy, do you have something important to say? If it’s not important, I’m going back to sleep. I’m just so sleepy.” Avery hugged her pillow. She sounded lazy.

“Didn’t you sleep last night? Are you getting a new job as a thief? Didn’t we agree to go out and celebrate your divorce? I’ve already booked the restaurant. If you don’t come, I’ll have all this food packed and sent to your place! Send me your address!” Tammy was always very decisive.

“No… You send me the address of the restaurant, and I’ll get dressed and meet you there.” Avery got up from the bed with difficulty.

“Didn’t you just say you were sleepy? Just let me get them to pack the food, and I’ll send it to you! I stole a good bottle of wine from my dad’s collection… I’m taking it with me and storing it at your place. We’ll drink it next time.”

In an instant, Avery was awake.

If Tammy’s boyfriend was anyone but Jun, she would not have been worried about Tammy finding out about the children.

“Tammy! I’m not sleepy anymore! Where are you now? Send me your location, and I’ll go right there!”

“Okay! I’ll send you the location! Your mom stays with you, right? Ask her to come along!”

“It’s fine! She has already eaten.”

With the conversation done, Avery got out of bed and gathered her long messy hair into a ponytail. She walked to the closet and pulled out a long dress.

After changing into it, she walked out of the room.

The lights in the living room were off.

They were not at home!

She took out her phone and video called her mom.

Laura answered the call, “Avery, are you awake? I left your food in the kitchen.”

“Tammy asked me to go out for dinner, so I won’t eat at home. Mom, where are you?” Avery walked to the door, held a bag in her hand, and walked out.

“I’m at the park! A parcel from abroad arrived today. It’s a drone. The children really wanted to go out and play with it,” Laura said as she pointed her camera in the direction of the sky.

A colorful drone, under Hayden’s control, flitted here and there!

Next to it, many other children were flying kites.

Avery could not help laughing, “You guys keep on playing! I’m heading out.”

Half an hour later, she arrived at the restaurant that Tammy booked.

This was a high-class restaurant.

A handsome man was playing the piano on the stage.

“Tammy, you came alone?” Avery looked at Tammy and teased, “I thought you would bring your boyfriend along!”