When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 173

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 173

“I don’t know her,” Shea was showing her dislike for Zoe. “I’ve never seen her … I don’t know her…”

“You fainted, and you were taken to the hospital. So, you haven’t seen her till now,” explained Elliot.

‘Fainted?’ she thought.

Shea cried, “No! No!”

The last thing she remembered was Avery’s face.

She had been lying in bed with a fever, and Avery had been talking to her.

She could not remember what had been said.

However, she vaguely remembered Avery’s gentle eyes and gentle voice. They comforted her greatly.

Her emotional outburst caused her head to throb and tears flowed from her eyes. It felt almost as if her head was being torn apart.

“Shea, does it hurt? Close your eyes and don’t think about anything. When you fall asleep, it won’t be so painful.” Elliot wiped away the tears on her face with a tissue and then patted her shoulder, coaxing her to sleep.

She had just had brain surgery and needed more rest.

After coaxing her to sleep, Elliot came out of the ward.

Zoe immediately stepped forward and asked, “How is she?”

Elliot smiled, and excitement was clear in his voice. “She talks more than she has ever done before. She looks more alert as well. Dr. Sanford, the surgery was a success!”

Zoe breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s great! I was worried that the surgery might not have had the desired effects, or it would not have met your expectations!”

Elliot was extremely grateful, and he could not help hugging Zoe. “Dr. Sanford, thank you!”

Zoe’s heart beat faster, and she felt guilty, but at the same time, she also enjoyed Elliot’s gratitude.

She tried to wrap her hands around Elliot. “Mr. Foster, this is my job.”

Her voice made Elliot regain his composure.

He released her, but the smile remained on his face. “Dr. Sanford, it’s a tiresome job, and I thank you for it. It’s very late. You should head back and get some good rest. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

Zoe nodded, “If Shea has anything urgent, you can call me at any time.”

Elliot nodded and sent her away.

Ben saw all this with his eyes.

Zoe Sanford. Even at first glance, he knew that she was not a simple-minded woman.

Ben had planned on entering the ward to see Shea.

The bodyguard stopped him.

Ben was confused, “What? You don’t know me anymore?”

“Mr. S******r, of course, I know you. It’s just that I can’t let you in without the boss’s permission,” the bodyguard explained.

“Even if the boss’s mother and eldest brother came, I have to stop them as well.”

Ben was confused, “Why? She can’t see anyone else?”

The bodyguard answered, “She’s scared of strangers.”

Ben was speechless.

Elliot’s protectiveness of Shea bordered on perversion!

Was she not allowed to meet anyone, just because she was afraid of strangers?

The more protective he was of her, the more it negatively impacted her illness.

“You open the door of the ward. I’ll stand at the door and take a look,” Ben said to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard did not comply, “Mr. S******r, don’t put me in a difficult position.”

Ben continued, “Your boss isn’t here. Open the door and I’ll give you a few bottles of good wine another day!”

The bodyguard was a little tempted.

At this time, Elliot appeared.

“Elliot, Dr. Sanford is gone? You said just now that the surgery was a success, and Shea was now back to normal? It’s amazing! Can I go in and take a look?” Ben smiled as he walked to Elliot.


The smile on Ben’s face disappeared, “You can’t keep her under your protection her entire life. It’s not good for her. Let her meet other people and see new faces.”

Elliot was adamant, “Now is not the time.”

Ben said, “As long as you know the boundaries. How did you meet her? Does she not have a family? Are you planning on waiting for her to recover before you marry her?!”

Elliot frowned deeply, “Ask another question then we’re no longer friends!”