When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 174

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Ben tugged at Elliot’s arm and they walked toward the emergency exit.

“Elliot, you obviously still care for Avery. Why do you always act so irrationally? This, Shea. No matter how beautiful she is, are you sure she can compare to Avery?” Ben wanted Elliot to wake up to reality.

“No one is more important than Shea!” Elliot shouted sharply.

“Did Avery divorce you because of this?” Ben asked him.


“If that’s the case, Avery is not at fault! What is there for you to be sad about? It’s you who disappointed her!” Ben rarely spoke to him this forcefully. “As your friend, I won’t judge you for who you choose to fall in love with. I just want you-”

“Then like Avery, you too should leave!” said Elliot, cutting him off. “I don’t need an outsider meddling in my personal affairs!”

He used the word ‘outsider’.

Ben exhaled heavily.


If he chose to be so obsessed, he would regret it later!

Avery was single now, but it did not mean that she would stay single forever.

Hopefully, he can continue living a life of no regrets when Avery married another man!


When Avery came home, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

She opened the children’s room door, and Layla immediately raised her little head.

“Baby, why haven’t you slept yet?” Avery walked to the bed and touched her daughter’s little head.

“Mom! I was playing drones with Hayden today! It’s fun!”

Layla said excitedly, “Uncle Mike sent them.”

“Yeah, I saw it. It’s getting late, baby. It’s time for you to go to bed.”

Layla said in an affectionate voice, “Mom, I was waiting for you to come back and kiss me.”

Avery immediately kissed her daughter’s cheek, “Good night, baby.”

“Mom, you’ve been drinking!” Layla’s little hand touched her mother’s cheek.

Avery sighed into her hand. “I’m sorry baby. I forgot. I’ll get a towel and wipe it.”

Layla smiled innocently and cutely, “It’s okay, Mom! You smell nice even after drinking!”

Avery’s heart was instantly warmed.

She went to the bathroom to get a wet towel and wiped her daughter’s cheek.

After her daughter fell asleep, she exited the room.

Back in the master bedroom, she called Mike.

“I’ve been waiting for your call! Why did you take so long to call me?” Mike was complaining on the other side of the phone.

“I had something to do today, and I just came home.” Avery switched on the hands-free mode and placed her phone on her bed. She walked to her closet and took her pajamas. “Is the drone you sent over a new product that you developed?”

“Yes! It’s amazing! Its battery life is super-duper long! And it has amazing sensors. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a robot!” Mike said excitedly. “Once it’s listed in Aryadelle, it will definitely take over the drone market here!”

Avery frowned slightly, “The team in my company hasn’t been established yet! I’ll do it as soon as possible.”

“I know you’ve been busy with the divorce these last few days.”

“It was a success. Also, have you been secretly teaching Hayden how to hack? I’ve seen him using the computer in my free time. Don’t teach him anything bad!”

“He’s interested in it, so I taught him. I didn’t charge you for those lessons, but now you are finding fault with me.”

“Let’s stop this here. I’m rather tired.” Avery ended the call and went to the bathroom with her pajamas.

It was one o’clock, and Elliot was at the hospital. He had just gotten yesterday morning’s surveillance footage.

Maintenance was indeed just a reason to refuse inspection.

He began going through the footage.

He really wanted to know who was the one who had sent Shea to the hospital.

Even if they refused the reward, he just wanted to know the person’s name.

If they were to encounter any troubles in the future, he would offer his aid.

It was three in the morning, and his eyes were sore, and he was tired.

The coffee cup was empty.

There was still an hour of surveillance footage left.

He planned to get some rest after watching the rest of the footage.

Rubbing his brows, he looked at the screen again.

A familiar figure came into view!

There were people entering and exiting the hospital, but he could recognize Avery at a glance!