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When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 175

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 175

She was holding a little girl in one arm, and there was another one in her other arm!

He began to doubt himself.

Avery’s face could not be seen clearly in the surveillance footage.

He suspected that this woman who looked like Avery was not Avery!

Otherwise, why did she have two children by her side?

Avery had no children!

He watched the surveillance video several times.

The more his suspicions grew, the more awake he became!

He copied the short video and closed the notebook.

It was too early for him to confirm the identity of the woman and children.

When it was dawn, he would ask Avery himself!

At six in the morning, Shea woke up.

When she woke up, she got out of the hospital bed.

She walked to the side of the escort bed, reached out, and tugged at Elliot’s large hand.

“Brother… Brother…”

Elliot suddenly opened his bloodshot eyes.

“Brother, let’s go,” Shea did not want to stay in the hospital; she wanted to leave this place.

Elliot got up immediately.

He had slept only for an hour.

He felt very dizzy.

However, Shea wanted to be discharged from the hospital. He had to take her away, or she might cause him trouble.

Considering her improved intelligence after the surgery, he decided to take her home.

Half an hour later, Shea looked at the Fosters’ villa and asked curiously, “Brother, where are we?”

“This is my house. Will you live with me in the future?” Elliot asked her.

She was used to Angela Academy and had refused to leave the familiar place.

However, at the moment, she nodded. The effects of the operation were remarkable.

Although Shea still looked like a child, her intelligence was definitely not at the level of a three-year-old.

Looking at Shea’s change, Elliot could not help thinking of Zoe.

He must thank her well.


Avery did not wake up until ten o’clock in the morning.

The two children had gone to school.

Laura saw her coming out of the room, and she immediately brought breakfast to the table.

“Avery, did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, I slept well last night.” Avery smiled, “Mom, I’ll be heading to the company later, and I’ll only be back later tonight.”

“If you’re busy, you don’t have to pick Hayden up. After I pick Layla, Layla and I will fetch Hayden,” said Laura. “There are plenty of things to see to in the early stages of the company. I hope you will outdo your dad.”

Avery answered, “I’ll try my best.”

Avery was in the meeting room of Tate Industries. She had sent the manual of their new product to all members of the staff.

“I believe that everyone here still remembers my father’s dream of building a driverless car. My idea is different from that of my father. I think it is better to take control of one’s own life. So, we won’t be building driverless cars.”

When she finished her sentence, the phone she placed on the table lit up.

She muted it.

However, she noticed the words, ‘Elliot Foster’ flashing on the screen.

Her heart was instantly disturbed.

“I’m sorry, I need to answer a call.” She picked up the phone and walked outside.

“Avery, did you go to Elizabeth Hospital?” he asked the moment she answered the phone. She was caught off guard and she answered, “No, why?”

“I saw the footage, why do you have to lie? I saw you holding a child in your arm, and you were holding the hand of another one. Why do you have two children?” he asked in a hoarse voice.


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