When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 227

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 227

Hayden looked stern as he said, “Grandma won’t let us go look for Mommy if we told her about it.”

Layla puffed her cheeks and looked a little torn as she said, “Okay… Let’s just go find Mommy, then! What if Dirtbag Dad’s picking on her?”

Hayden pursed his lips, then came to a decision after a quick deliberation.

“I’ll go alone. You wait at home. Come up with an excuse if Grandma comes back,” he said, then left the house.

As Layla watched the room door close behind Hayden, she blinked a couple of times. Two streams of tears rolled down her cheeks.

How could she allow Hayden to go after Dirtbag Dad by himself?

What if he got caught?

She could not lose her big brother!

At that thought, Layla ran over to Mike’s room in tears.

She opened the door, rushed to the disheveled bed, and yanked on Mike’s arm, wailing, “Wake up, Uncle Mike! Hayden’s gone! He left the house alone… He didn’t take me with him…”

Over at Elliot’s mansion, a servant walked out of the kitchen and wondered, ” Why’s the power out?”

“We didn’t get a notice about a power outage. I’ll go turn on the backup generator,” said Mrs. Cooper.

Everything went back to normal once the backup generator was connected.

However, about ten minutes later, the backup power also went out.

When Elliot walked down the stairs, Mrs. Cooper approached him and immediately said, “The power is out. It seems there’s also an issue with the backup generator. I’ve called someone over to work on it. I have called up the utility company, but they said that there is no outage in our area.”

Her words did not disturb Elliot.

He walked toward the front door as a bodyguard approached him.

“Sir, there’s something weird about the power outage today. I’ve sent more people over.”

Elliot nodded, then continued to walk toward the front gates.

The bodyguard had no idea what he was planning to do but followed him anyway.

Once he was at the gates, Elliot narrowed his eyes and pointed at a tiny figure not too far away. “Bring him to me,” he ordered.

The bodyguard had noticed Hayden, but he did not think much of it, since he was just a small boy.

“Do you want me to bring that little boy over here, Sir?” asked the bewildered bodyguard.

When Hayden heard their voices, not only did he not run away, but he walked over.

The bodyguard was speechless.

Elliot kept his cold gaze on the child.

Hayden had changed his clothes and was wearing a different cap that still covered his face and features, but Elliot recognized him right away.

Elliot was sure that Hayden was behind the power outage.

If everything went according to plan, he would have hacked into the house’s network too.

It was certain that he was there for Avery.

Hayden arrived before the two men very quickly.

As he walked past Elliot, he “accidentally” stepped on his foot.

Elliot remained silent.

The bodyguard watched in horror as Hayden walked into the house nonchalantly, then immediately got to his knees and brushed off the dust from Elliot’s shoe.

“What a rude kid, Sir! You can tell right away he’s a wild child whose parents never educated him!” cursed the bodyguard. “He might just be an orphan! Don’t stoop to his level. I’ll kick him out right away.”

Elliot’s expression was ice cold as he said, “You’re right. He is, in fact, an orphan.”

He then walked past the front yard and entered the house.

When Hayden entered the living room, a few servants curiously stared at him.

“Avery Tate! I’ve come for you!” he yelled in the direction of the staircase.

Mrs. Cooper very quickly remembered the child.

“You’re Hayden, right?” Mrs. Cooper asked as she bent down. Once she saw his face, she pulled him over to the couch and said, “Your Mommy’s still asleep! She’ll come down after she wakes up.”

Elliot walked into the living room just in time to see Mrs. Cooper graciously place a generous platter of fruit and snacks in front of Hayden.

With a sullen face, Elliot walked over to Hayden, picked up his bag, and pulled out the laptop inside it.

“Did you cut the power? Bring it back this instant! Otherwise…”

Upon hearing Elliot’s words, Hayden lifted his head and threw a defiant look at him.

When Elliot saw Hayden’s face, both the words coming out of his mouth and his heartbeat came to a halt!


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