When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 228

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 228

Elliot felt a strong sense of deja vu every time he caught a glimpse of Hayden’s face.

It was as if he had traveled back in time and was looking at his younger self!

Hayden shot a glare at Elliot, then averted his gaze.

“Did you really cause the power outage, Hayden?” Mrs. Cooper asked in a panic. “How did you do it? Is this your laptop? Do you know how to use it at your age?”

Hayden pursed his lips, then quietly placed his laptop back into his backpack.

He took his bag, walked over to the stairs, and sat down at the bottom step, waiting for Avery to come.

Mrs. Cooper glanced at Elliot to see his livid expression and the raging fury in his eyes.

If Hayden were not a child, he would not be sitting there as safely and soundly as he was now.

About half an hour later, a bodyguard walked in and reported, “Sir, there’s a suspicious foreigner who keeps looking in our direction. Should I bring him in for questioning?”

Mike’s face popped into Elliot’s mind.

He walked to the front yard. Mike’s golden hair was visible to Elliot before he reached the gates.

“Avery! Are you being falsely imprisoned? Scream if you are! I’ll call the cops right away!” Mike yelled in Elliot’s direction

A wave of wrath washed over Elliot’s face.

Mike still had the bruises on his face from the beating he took last night, yet here was causing another ruckus!

“Get him!” said Elliot as watching Mike upset him.

Two bodyguards immediately grabbed Mike’s arms.

“Hey! What are you doing? I didn’t break the law, so why are you gabbing me? Doesn’t the law exist anymore? I’m calling the cops! I’m calling them right now!” Mike yelled as the bodyguards dragged him into the living room.

Surprise flashed in Hayden’s eyes when he saw Mike.

After throwing a look at Hayden, Mike freed himself from the bodyguards’ grasp, then swaggered around the living room.

The bodyguards followed him.

“Is this your tens of millions dollar mansion? Did you get scammed by the renovation team?” Mike sneered. “It’s nothing compared to the villa that Avery got for four and a half million dollars!”

Elliot sipped his tea on the couch and ignored him.

It seemed like Mike was not here for Avery but to pick a fight.

After all, he must still hold a grudge from getting beaten up the night before.

When Mike tapped on the light switch on the wall, the room lights did not turn on.

He was instantly excited.

“Has your power been cut? I was wondering why it was so hot in here! Aren’t you hot in that huge robe, Foster? Hurry up and give your electricians – I mean, give your technicians a call and get them to fix this!”

Mike’s cackle was ear-splitting while the smirk on his face was blinding.

Elliot’s entire body stiffened, and his fists were clenched so tightly they had turned pale.

Just as he was about to teach Mike a lesson, the crystal chandelier above them lit up.

The power was back!

The central cooling system turned on, and the room’s temperature quickly became pleasantly cool.

Mike stared at the crystal chandelier for two seconds, then sighed.

“Let’s have a bet, Foster! I’m still p*ssed about how you beat me up last night! Let’s settle this once and for all. If I win, I get to punch you!”

Elliot raised his brows and asked, “What if you lose?”

“If I lose, then I’ll leave with Hayden!”

Elliot was at a loss for words.

Was there something wrong with this guy’s head?

The bet was unappealing, so Elliot did not want to take it.

“Elliot Foster! Are you a scaredy cat?” jeered Hayden.

His clear, child-like voice brought with it a strong hint of contempt and ridicule.

Elliot knew that he was being provoked, but he changed his mind anyway.

“What are we going to do?” he asked Mike.

“I saw a tennis court outside. Let’s play against each other.”

“Let’s do it,” responded Elliot.

After a change of clothes, Elliot and Mike made their way to the tennis court.

Apart from the guards at the front gates and Mrs. Cooper, everyone else rushed to the court to show their support for Elliot.

Crouching down, Layla snuck from the front yard into the living room.