When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 229

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 229

Layla had planned to go to the first floor to search for her mother, but suddenly, she heard the sound of footsteps coming from the kitchen.

She was so terrified that did not dare breathe. She ran straight up the stairs.

Forced to run up to the second floor, Layla leaned against the wall and caught her breath.

At that moment, the footsteps grew closer!

Someone was coming up the stairs!

Layla panicked and quickly found a place to hide.

Soon after, Mrs. Cooper appeared on the second floor and made her way to the master bedroom to see Avery.

She was worried about the match between Elliot and Mike.

Even though Elliot had recovered from the car crash years ago, the doctor had instructed him to avoid strenuous activities.

Mrs. Cooper did not want to see Mike punch him, so she came to see Avery.

She opened the door, then walked over to the bed.

Mrs. Cooper glanced at Avery’s sleeping face, and no matter how bad she felt about waking her, she decided that Avery could sleep whenever she wanted to.

However, everything would be over once the match was lost.

“Avery,” Mrs. Cooper said as she reached out to pat Avery’s shoulder. “Avery!”

Avery’s brows furrowed when she heard the calls.

“Wake up, Avery,” Mrs. Cooper said as she raised her voice.

Avery slowly opened her eyes.

When her groggy gaze landed on Mrs. Cooper, she broke into a smile.

“Wake up, Avery. Mike and Master Elliot are over at the tennis court. You have to stop them! You know Master Elliot’s legs aren’t in the best shape,” Mrs. Cooper said as she helped Avery up.

Avery rubbed her tired eyes, then mumbled, “Mike and Elliot are on the tennis court?”

“Yes!” Mrs. Cooper exclaimed, then told her everything that had happened.

As Avery glanced blankly around the room, sweat trickled down her back.

“How did I get here?!”

After a moment’s hesitation, Mrs. Cooper answered truthfully, “You locked yourself in your car and fell asleep last night. I can’t imagine what would have happened if Master Elliot didn’t find you in time and send you to the hospital. Let’s go to the tennis court now!”


The tennis match came to halt when Avery appeared.

Avery’s gaze brushed over Hayden and Mike, before finally landing on Elliot’s face.

“Thank you for last night!” “Don’t mention it. You should get checked out at the hospital again.”

Seeing Avery’s delicate face calmed him down.

“There were a few things that were off on your blood test last night.”

“Got it…” Avery said.

Apart from feeling a little tired, she did not feel any other discomfort.

Mike grabbed her arm, then said forcefully, “I’ll take you to the hospital!”

As they walked away, Avery could not help but gaze at Elliot.

She was exhausted after her work last night, but Mike had called her to the hotel for a birthday surprise.

She had declined, but Mike had insisted, and she had no choice but to force herself to drive to the hotel.

In the end, fatigue took over and she brought the car to a stop by the street before she fell asleep.

She had wanted to go home and had wanted to call someone for help, but she could no longer move a muscle.

That was how she ended up falling asleep in the car.

Avery felt a shiver run down her spine as she recalled everything.

She probably would have died if nobody had found her.

When Elliot returned to the living room, Mrs. Cooper placed a bowl of chicken soup in front of him.

“This is Avery’s favorite soup. It’s too bad she didn’t get to drink it,” Mrs. Cooper said regretfully.

Elliot finished the bowl of soup, then returned to his room to rest.

At three in the afternoon, an ear-shattering wail pierced through the entire mansion.

Elliot was jolted awake by the child-like yet deafening howl.

It sounded like a child crying!

Did Hayden not leave?

Who could it be?


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