When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 231

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 231

“Why are you shouting at me?! Of course, Mommy taught me to knock before going into someone’s house, but she never said anything about knocking before entering a dirtbag’s house!” Layla yelled in a voice louder than Elliot’s as she glared at him with her brilliant eyes.

It was as if she was competing with him to see whose voice was louder and more powerful.

Elliot gritted his teeth.


Who had taught her to say that?

“I didn’t want to come here anyway! I’m leaving right now!” Layla huffed angrily, then jumped off the couch and walked toward the front door with her doll in her arms.

At the hospital, after going through a series of routine tests, Avery asked Mike for his phone so she could call Laura.

Her phone was d**d, and she needed to let her mother know she was safe.

Mike pulled out his phone and handed it to her.

Laura answered the call soon after it began ringing.

“It’s Avery, Mom,” Avery said with a smile. “I’m fine. I was too tired yesterday and fell asleep. You don’t have to worry about me. Mike and Hayden are with me, so we’ll head home soon.”

“That’s good,” Laura said. “I’ll start cooking now.”

“Alright, Mom. Where’s Layla? I miss her. I want to hear her voice.”

Laura was shocked.

“Mike took Layla with him when he went to get you! Isn’t she with you right now?!”

Avery’s face changed drastically.

Her hand gripped the phone, and she began to spiral.

Before she blew up, Mike smacked himself on the forehead and exclaimed, “I forgot about Layla! She must still be at Elliot Foster’s house! I’ll go get her right now!”

Avery followed him without hesitation.

“You need to wait here for the test results!” Mike said.

“You wait here with Hayden! I’ll go get Layla!” Avery snapped in a tone that said she would not tolerate another word from Mike. “I’m taking your phone! I’ll meet you back here once I have Layla.”

Avery rushed out of the hospital and hailed a cab.

Once she was in the backseat, she pulled out Mike’s phone and dialed Eliot’s number.

She prayed that Layla was still at the Foster mansion and had not run off somewhere else.

That would be even more dangerous!

Elliot had picked Layla up, not allowing her to leave.

His actions set Layla off and she exploded in his arms!

“Let me go, you dirtbag! You’ve hugged other women, and I don’t want you touching me!” Layla yelled with furrowed brows as she repeatedly landed blows on Elliot with her tiny fists.

Shea felt bad for her brother, but she also did not dare touch Layla.

All she could do was watch them with red eyes.

At that moment, the phone Elliot placed on the table began to ring.

Mrs. Cooper quickly handed the phone over to him.

Elliot held Layla in one hand and answered the phone with another.

“It’s Avery. Is my daughter there with you?” Avery said in a panic-stricken voice.”

I’m so sorry! I’ve caused so much trouble for you.”

Layla vaguely heard her mother’s voice, then snatched the phone out of Elliot’s hand and cried, “Mommy! Is that you?! It’s your little baby, Layla!”

Avery’s eyes filled with tears when she heard her daughter’s voice.

“Layla! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you came along so I didn’t take you when we left. Mommy’s on the way now. Don’t be scared-”

“I’m not scared! I knew Mommy would come and get me!”

“Of course!”

Once she was done talking, Layla handed the phone back to Elliot.

Her sparkling eyes stared unblinkingly at his pale neck as she asked sweetly, “Which side did my brother bite you last time?”

Elliot pointed out the spot on his neck to her.

“Oh… There’s still a mark!” Layla said, then bit down on the other side of Elliot’s neck!

Elliot was at a loss for words.

He thought she asked him about his wound out of the kindness of her heart and wanted to apologize for her brother, but looks like her she had intended to replicate the action on the other side!

Elliot had run out of patience.

So what if she was Avery’s biological daughter?

He had to teach her a lesson once and for all!