When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 233

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 233

“What have you been so busy with?” Elliot asked as his glare bore into Avery.

Avery finished tending to his wound, then turned and packed the first aid kit.

“I’ve been busy with work,” she answered casually.

“You’re lying. If it’s work, then why aren’t you going to the office?”

Elliot sat up straight, then grabbed onto Avery’s arm and continued, “You’ve been behaving weirdly recently. I can’t read you at all.”

“What’s there to read?” Avery said. “Listen, Elliot. I’m thankful that you saved me last night and I can buy you dinner… Or I could give you a medal.”

Elliot was taken by surprise, and he released Avery’s arm and said, “I didn’t save you for your thanks. Take your daughter and go! Also, that bratty son of yours messed with my home’s power and the internet today. If you won’t discipline him, then don’t mind if I do so myself!”

“I’m sorry,” Avery apologized awkwardly. “I’ll teach him a lesson when I get back. I promise this won’t happen again.”

Avery put the first aid kit back where she found it, carried Layla, and prepared to leave.

“Avery!” said Elliot, approaching her. He handed her a box. “Happy birthday.”

Avery’s gaze landed on the gift box in his hand.

She did not know exactly what was inside of it, but she could tell it was something expensive.

“Thank you, Elliot…”

She was about to tell him that his wishes were enough and that there was no need for a gift, but she did not get a chance to tell him that as Layla had already accepted the gift on her behalf

Avery was left speechless.

Elliot let out an inner sigh of relief because he had expected Avery to reject him.

“Let’s go home, Mommy! I miss Hayden and Grandma…” Layla whined sweetly as she nuzzled against her mother’s shoulder.

“Alright, we’re going home now,” Avery said.

Her emotions were a mess as she lifted her gaze to look at Elliot and said, “Goodbye.”

Elliot watched as they left.

If Avery’s children could be as gentle and obedient around him as they were with her, he felt like he could perhaps treat them as his own.

Over at the Starry River Villa, Laura finally saw Avery and the children return home after much anticipation.

“Don’t drive when you’re tired ever again, Avery! That’s too dangerous!” Laura said through bloodshot eyes.

“I know, Mom. It smells amazing! Did you make my favorite clam chowder?” Avery said as she made her way to the kitchen.

Mike was starving, so he sat himself down at the dining table after washing his hands.

On the other hand, Layla pulled her brother into their room.

“Do you have any idea how awesome I was today, Hayden?” Layla bragged. “I took something back from Dirtbag Dad’s house.”

Hayden stared at his sister’s face, then said sternly, “Layla, you can’t just take people’s things. How is this different from stealing?”

Layla hung her head and pouted as she felt a little guilty.

It was not like she was taking someone else’s stuff.

She was taking something from her father.

She wished very much that Elliot Foster was not a dirtbag, so she could have a Daddy!

“I’m not blaming you,” Hayden said as he suddenly changed his train of thought. ” You can take whatever you want from Elliot Foster as long as you don’t get caught.”

Layla broke into an ecstatic beam and said, “Don’t tell Mommy, Hayden. I’ll be in trouble if she knew.”

“Okay. Put it away for now. Let’s go eat.’

“Okay! Hayden, I was so scared when I was alone today. How could all of you leave me behind?” Layla mumbled after placing the box under the bed. “It’s a good thing I was brave. Otherwise, I would have been scared to d***h.”

Hayden took Layla’s hand and said with remorse, “I won’t forget you ever again.”

“Good!” Layla said. Hayden’s vow had instantly cheered. “Dirtbag Dad gave Mommy a present, Hayden. Do you think he still loves her?”


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