When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 236

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 236

Hayden turned up the brightness of the bedside lamp.

There was a CD and a piece of paper.

Layla unfolded the piece of paper and stared at the words on it.

After inspecting it a few times, she cluelessly handed it over to Hayden and said, “What does it say, Hayden? I don’t know how to read this.”

Hayden glanced at the piece of paper, then said indifferently, “I can’t read it either.”

After all, he too was in preschool.

The words on the piece of paper looked to be in a foreign language. The reason for that was that the paper was written using professional jargon.

“What’s this, then?” Layla asked as she picked up the CD and inspected it.

There were no pictures or words on it.

Hayden also felt curious about the CD.

However, there was no way for him to check its contents without his laptop.

“Don’t we need to put this in a computer to see what’s inside, Hayden?” Layla asked, then something hit her. “We could borrow Uncle Mike’s laptop!”

Hayden saw the spark in his sister’s eyes. She looked eager for some action.

“I’ll go borrow it! Otherwise, Mommy would be mad at you again if she found out you were using a computer!” Layla said, then ran out of the room.

Hayden was worried that Layla would not be able to carry the laptop herself, so he ran after her.

Mike had not gone to a bar that night.

With the bruises on his face, he would end up scaring everyone if he showed up at the bar.

When Hayden and Layla entered his room, Mike was in the middle of a video game.

“What are you two doing here? It’s past nine. Why aren’t you in bed?” Mike said as he glanced at the children, then shifted his gaze back to his computer screen.

Hayden and Layla stared at Mike’s computer screen.

They were not interested in his game at all, but they had their eyes on his computer.

“Uncle Mike, could we borrow your computer for a second?” Layla asked charmingly.

Mike spoke quickly as he tapped away on his keyboard.

“What do you need my computer for? If your mother finds out I lent it to you, she’d kick me out right away. She gave me an earful when she talked to me today. She said I was a bad fluence on little Hayden Tate-”

Hayden frowned, then snapped coldly, “Give me your laptop!”

“You really aren’t worried at all about your mom kicking me out!” Mike said.

“We just need it for ten minutes,” Hayden said.

“Are you sure?” Hayden nodded.

Mike gestured at the laptop next to him and said, “There, take it yourself. Give it back in ten minutes! Otherwise, I’m telling your mom!”

Mike was playing his game on his desktop.

Hayden took the laptop and quickly left.

Once they were back in their room, Hayden opened up the laptop.

Layla stared at the laptop screen as she held onto the CD.

Hayden booted the laptop, then took the CD from Layla and placed it in the CD drive.

Before loading the contents of the CD, Hayden turned to Layla and said cautiously, “I’ll take a look first, Layla. What if it’s something scary?”

Layla immediately covered her eyes with her hands and said, “Okay… Turn down the volume, Hayden. What if it sounds scary, too?”

Layla was a timid girl, especially at night.

Hayden turned down the volume on the laptop, then loaded the CD’s contents.

Black and white footage appeared on the screen.

He was stunned when he glanced at the date and time on the footage.

If his calculations were right, the recording was about twenty years old.

Moreover, the reason why he thought it was black and white footage was because everyone in the video was dressed in those colors.

Hayden had a feeling that the footage was that of a funeral.

On top of that, it was a funeral for someone in the Foster family.

Hayden did not have time to watch the entire recording, so he used the mouse to drag the progress bar and scan through the video.

It was a complete video recording of a funeral.

Hayden turned off the video, then tapped his sister’s shoulder and said, “It’s really scary. You shouldn’t see it.”

Layla pouted in disappointment, then said, “You’re not lying to me, are you?”

“It’s a funeral. Do you want to watch it?”

Layla shook her head without hesitation, then asked, “Who died?”

“No idea,” Hayden said as he shut the laptop, then added, “I’m giving the laptop back.”


Once Hayden left with the laptop, Layla placed the CD and piece of paper back into the box.


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