When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 238

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 238

Ten minutes later, Cole appeared in front of Zoe.

He was dressed in his pajamas and a pair of sandals.

His hair was disheveled because he had rushed over right after the phone call.

He wanted to throw a fit!

It had been a strange phone call.

How could Zoe be so rude to him?

He had not planned the events that had taken place at the hotel. He was a victim, too!

However, when he saw Zoe’s eyes red with tears, the rage inside of him instantly vanished.

“What’s wrong, Dr. Sanford?” Cole asked, then cleared his throat and said, “My uncle didn’t dump you, did he?”

Zoe laughed bitterly as she grabbed onto the tree that was next to her and got to her feet.

“I’m pregnant, Cole Foster!” she hissed through gritted teeth as her mouth filled with the strong taste of blood. “You’re the father!”

The corners of Cole’s lips twitched.

“No way… We only did it once…” he said in disbelief.

Before he could cry out, Zoe picked up her bag and violently attacked him with it.

“You b*st*rd! You human sc*m! It’s all your fault!” Zoe yelled as she continued to hit him. “What am I supposed to do now?! Tell me! What should I do?!”

Cole covered his head with his arms and answered without hesitation, “Get rid of it! What else can you do? My uncle will k**l me if he finds out you’re pregnant with my kid!”

Tears rolled down her cheeks when she heard his response.

“I want to get rid of it, too! The mere thought of carrying your child makes me sick! However, if I get an a******n now, I might never be able to get pregnant again!”

Zoe felt all of the energy get s****d out of her body.

She slumped down, wrapped her arms around her head, and broke into uncontrollable sobs.

Cole realized the severity of the situation.

It was no wonder Zoe had thrown such a fit.

Things were more complicated if she could not get an a******n.

Cole sat down next to Zoe and patted her back.

“I’m sorry, Dr. Sanford! It’s all my fault. You had too much to drink that night, but I was sober. I knew that you were my uncle’s girlfriend, but I gave in to temptation and slept with you anyway! I’m the worst!” he said, then slapped himself in the face.

Zoe looked up, and she felt better after seeing Cole’s remorseful face.

“Let’s keep the baby for now,” Zoe said as she took a deep breath. “Your uncle doesn’t love me, so we probably won’t stay together till the end. If I get an a******n now, when he finds another doctor that can treat Shea, he will definitely break up with me without hesitation…”

She had always known that Elliot was secretly looking for another doctor who could treat Shea’s illness.

“I see…” Cole said with a tremor in his voice. “You can’t let him find out that the baby’s mine. Otherwise, he’ll k**l me for sure.”

“Are you that afraid of d***g?!” Zoe snapped resentfully.

“I’m young! I’m not done enjoying life!” Cole said as he helped Zoe to her feet. “Aren’t you afraid of d***h? However, even if my uncle finds out that his baby isn’t his, he probably won’t k**l you. You saved Shea once, after all.”

Cole’s words made Zoe decide to take a gamble.

If the worst case scenario was breaking up with Elliot, then what was there to be afraid of?

“Go home. I’ll go to the hospital for a checkup later. I’ll let you know once I’ve confirmed the results,” Zoe said as she withdrew her arm from Cole’s grasp.

“You have to listen to everything I say from now on, or you’re d**d!” she threatened.

Cole did not have a choice.

The child Zoe was carrying was proof that he had wronged Elliot.

Zoe had Cole wrapped around her finger.

On the other side of the city, a black Rolls-Roice pulled up at the entrance of Wedillia Psychiatric Treatment Center.

Elliot and Shea emerged from the car.

Once they entered the center, the doctor greeted Elliot, then asked him to wait in the waiting room.

“Don’t be scared, Shea. I’ll wait by the door for you,” Elliot said as he tried to let go of Shea’s hand.

However, Shea’s grip tightened around his hand, and she refused to let go.


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