When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 239

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Elliot took out a couple of pieces of candy from his pocket and placed them in Shea’s hand.

Shea finally let go of Elliot’s hand when she saw the candy.

After watching Shea enter the treatment center, Elliot’s heart filled with unease.

This was the first time he had taken her to see a psychiatrist.

Moreover, she was with one of the country’s leading psychologists.

He wondered if Shea would be able to overcome her mental and emotional obstacles.

The doors to the treatment center opened about half an hour later.

Shea hurried out and ran straight into Elliot’s embrace.

Her emotions were relatively stable.

She was not crying, but she was just a little scared and nervous.

Elliot wrapped his arms around Shea and patted her back.

“It’s alright, Shea. I’ve been waiting here the entire time.”

The doctor offered Elliot a seat on the couch next to them.

“Mr. Foster, I took a look at the information you sent over last night. From my interaction with Shea just now, I don’t think she’s suited for psychiatric treatment at the moment. Her issues aren’t purely psychological. I believe she requires professional surgical treatment first. Once she recovers, she might not even require psychiatric treatment.”

“Did she say anything to you just now?” Ellio asked.

The doctor shook her head and said, “I have asked her to nod and shake her head to answer my questions. She was quite cooperative.”

The doctor then handed a questionnaire to Elliot.

It was a list of questions that the doctor had asked Shea. The document had also contained her answers.

The questions were simple enough. They were things about the people she loved, what was her happiest memory, and her worst…

Every answer was related to Elliot.

“Her mental issues outweigh her psychological issues,” said the doctor. “There’s no need for you to worry too much, Mr. Foster.”

“Thank you,” Elliot said as he picked up the questionnaire, stood up, and prepared to leave with Shea.

At that moment, a mother and son walked through the doors.

Before Elliot could react, Shea was already making her way over to them.

Avery had booked an appointment with this psychiatrist the moment they returned to the country.

She was concerned about Hayden’s inability to fit into a typical school environment.

Whenever she caught wind of a good psychiatrist, she would take Hayden there to give it a try.

Shea made her way over to Hayden and broke into a sweet smile.

Avery was taken aback when she saw Shea.

What was she doing here? Did Elliot bring her here?

Immediately after, a tall person made his way over to them and held Shea to his side.

Elliot glanced at Avery, then said in a deep voice, “Your son should see a psychiatrist.”

He bore the boy no ill will.

He felt that Hayden had behavioral issues, and the sooner he saw a psychiatrist the sooner he would recover.

However, Avery heard another meaning from his words.

“Is there really a reason for the president of Sterling Group to make fun of a four- year-old boy?”

Elliot’s cheeks flushed slightly. “I’m not making fun of him. I’m here with Shea too,” he said.

Avery pursed her lips, then took Hayden’s hand and walked around them.

Half an hour later, the doors to the treatment center opened, and Avery walked out of the waiting room.

“Miss Tate, just because your child is different from others, doesn’t mean he has psychological issues,” said the doctor as she handed a questionnaire to Avery.

Avery glanced at the questionnaire, then thanked the doctor.

Soon after, she walked hand-in-hand out of the building with Hayden.

Within two steps out of the center, a tall figure appeared before them and blocked their path.