When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 241

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 241

This was Elliot’s chance to start a deep conversation with Avery.

“Shea and I-”

He began to speak, but the photo on Avery’s phone screen grabbed his attention.

“Who’s this man?”

He looked a little familiar.

Elliot kept glancing back at the photo.

He was sure that he had seen the man before, but could not recall anything about him.

Avery snatched her phone back.

“You haven’t changed at all. You’re still just as controlling. Is this a common problem that old men face?”

She shoved her phone into her bag, then said mockingly, “He’s a celebrity I’ve been following recently. He’s handsome, right? Not only that, but he’s also very young. I’ve recently been into this type of man.”

Elliot gritted his teeth in rage.

Was she calling him old?

He planned on having a proper conversation with her, but it looked like there was no need for that!

After all, she had no interest in old men and only liked young men!

“What did you want to tell me just now?”

Avery asked. The anger in Elliot’s face cheered her up.

“It’s nothing!” Elliot snapped coldly. “Just eat!”

It was an extremely unhappy lunch.

While Elliot was settling the bill, Avery left with Hayden.

At the hospital, Zoe’s tears escaped her eyes once again as she looked at her test results.

The entire morning felt like a neverending nightmare.

The worst thing about it was waking up and realizing that the nightmare was real!

She was pregnant with Cole Foster’s child!

As she walked out of the hospital, Zoe began to think of ideas.

There must be a way out of this!

Life had shut a door in her face, but it surely opened up a window of opportunity for her somewhere.

As long as nobody found out that the child belonged to Cole, things really were not as bad as they seemed.

Besides, Elliot depended on her to treat Shea’s illness.

No matter how bad things went for her, she would not be worse off than Avery.

She calmed down at the thought.

Once Zoe returned home, she lay down in bed.

She had a throbbing headache, but she could not fall asleep no matter how tightly she shut her eyes.

Half an hour later, she gave Cole a call.

“I need to find a way to sleep with Elliot,” Zoe said, revealing her plan to Cole. “That way, I can pin the child on him.”

Cole was dumbfounded and filled with agitation.

“It’s not impossible… However, if my uncle insists on a DNA test after the baby is born, wouldn’t our cover be blown?”

“I have a plan! You just need to do as I say!”

“Alright! I won’t say anything else. I’ll do whatever you say,” Cole yielded in fear of saying too much. “How do you plan on getting my uncle to sleep with you? He’s pretty difficult.”

“Why would I be discussing the matter with you if I had all the ideas?!” Zoe snapped. “Hurry up and come up with something! If you don’t, then your uncle will definitely find out that the child is yours!”

“I got it!” Cole whined. “I’ll think of something right away.”

That afternoon, Avery got a call from Tammy.

“Avery, I heard from Mike earlier about your makeup birthday party.”

Avery massaged her temples and said, “That idiot’s doing this without telling me again!”

Tammy burst into laughter, then said, “I think he just wants to have some fun and is using your birthday as an excuse to throw a party.”

“I think so… Did he call you earlier?”

“He did! I’ll definitely be there this weekend. Are you inviting Elliot this time? He was pretty upset when he didn’t get an invitation to your party a few days ago,” Tammy said. “He even booked the smaller banquet hall next to yours. How childish!”

Avery held her head and said, “I just got into a fight with him. He probably won’t want to come to my party.”

“Why did you fight again?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I see. Should I get Jun to ask him? If he wants to go, then you could invite him,” Tammy said, then chuckled and added, “I heard you accepted his gift. Could you really not invite him after doing that?”


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