When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 244

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 244

The wild ambition in Zoe’s eyes was clear and undisguised.

Cole felt his d***g soul reawaken.

Now that he was in the same boat as Zoe, her success meant his success.

Women could gain honor through their children, and so could he.

He would gain honor from his child!

At 10 p.m. that night, a black Rolls-Roice pulled into the Foster mansion.

Elliot had attended a dinner event that night.

He had gone to the dinner because one of the country’s top entrepreneurs in the drone industry was in attendance.

Elliot wanted to understand every aspect of Avery’s company.

From the information he had gathered at the dinner, he discovered that although Tate Industries had been rebuilt, they had hit a wall when it came to their sales.

Alpha Technologies was formidable abroad. The attention and reputation they had achieved were outstanding.

However, Avery did not bring Alpha Technologies to Aryadelle. Instead, she had revived Tate Industries.

Although it was the same product, a different brand also meant a different worth.

Avery did not market or advertise the company’s products, which led to the lack of sales.

According to the top entrepreneur, if Avery could not make it through the next six months in Aryadelle, she would move back to Bridgedale empty-handed.

The next day, Avery showed up at the Pacific Hotel by herself for a business meeting.

The other party, Norman Puth, was the president of one of the country’s largest drone distributors.

Avery met Norman at the restaurant and took a seat at their table.

“Did you come alone, Miss Tate?” asked Norman.

He was a chubby, middle-aged man. Behind his glasses were a pair of sharp eyes.

“Yes, everyone’s been rather busy recently,” Avery said with a polite smile.

She pulled out a file from her bag, then said, “Mr. Puth, here is some detailed information on our company’s products. Please take a look.”

“Ha, I’ve seen it. That’s precisely why I asked to meet with you, Miss Tate,” said Norman.

His eyes shifted from Avery’s face to her chest, then down to her slender waist.

“I know your products are impressive, Miss Tate. However, the market isn’t the same here as it is abroad.”

“I see.”

Avery felt uncomfortable under Norman’s wandering gaze. She picked up her glass of water, took a sip, then said, “Please elaborate.”

“If you make me an authorized distributor for your products, I can guarantee that you’ll take over the domestic market in no time,” Norman said as he suddenly tipped his leg in Avery’s direction, then added, “Could you consider lowering the price for me?”

Avery pulled her legs back, and her tone was cold as she said, “I’m sorry, the price in our proposal is the best we can offer you. I’m afraid we can’t go any lower than that.”

“That is rather insincere of you, Miss Tate,” Norman said regretfully. “How are we supposed to do business without sincerity?”

Avery’s eyes narrowed as her lips curled up into a smile.

“What constitutes sincerity to you, Mr. Puth?”

Seeing Avery’s provocative smile, Norman shot to his feet and walked over to her side.

“You’re young and beautiful, Miss Tate. More importantly, you’re capable. I’m sure there are plenty of men who are after you, right?” he said as his sleazy hand fell onto Avery’s shoulder.

Avery’s hand tightened around her teacup.

She silently counted down in her heart.

“Three, two…”

A gust of wind pierced through the room and Norman was thrown to the ground with a violent punch!

Avery’s head shot up and met Elliot’s glare.

“Avery! I never expected you to stoop so low!” Elliot snapped as he yanked her from her seat. “Didn’t you say you didn’t like old men?! What are you doing right now?! Why don’t you resist when fat b*st*rds like this lay their hands on you?! Is money more important than your dignity?!”

Avery’s head was spinning from his relentless chastising.

If Elliot had not punched Norman to the ground, she would have thrown her drink right in his face.

“Can’t you lower your voice, Elliot?”

Avery blushed with embarrassment as she noticed that all eyes were on them.

Elliot may be shameless, but she was not.

She picked up her bag from her seat and planned to leave, but Elliot jerked her back into her seat.

“Are you willing to do anything for money?!” he roared through reddened, tear- filled eyes.

Avery was repressing the frustration she felt for him, but his words set her off!