When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 245

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 245

“That’s right! I’ll do anything as long as it’s for the money!” Avery yelled as her voice trembled and a flush colored her cheeks. “Mind your own business!”

A savage fury rose in Elliot’s eyes.

“Clear the place!”

At his order, his bodyguards instantly kicked out everyone from the restaurant, including Norman who was passed out on the floor.

In an instant, Avery and Elliot were the only two people left in the grand restaurant.

Avery shoved at Elliot’s chest and snapped, “Elliot Foster, you scoundrel! You’re such a j**k!”

Despite all of her efforts, Elliot did not budge.

“Weren’t you willing to sell your body? Let me help you with that!”

With his large hand, Elliot ripped Avery’s blouse open.

The color vanished from Avery’s face.

“Don’t touch me! Elliot! Please don’t touch me!” she begged.

“If other people can touch you, then why can’t I?! Is it because I didn’t pay you?”

Elliot had completely lost his reason.

He took his wallet out of his pocket, pulled out all of the cash from it, and threw it at Avery’s terrified face.

He violently tore her blouse apart, exposing her fair cleavage.

Tears escaped the corners of her eyes.

“Elliot Foster! If you touch me one more time, I’ll never see you ever again!” she sobbed. “I can’t fight you, but I can disappear from your sight!”

Avery’s words hit Elliot like a bucket of ice-cold water.

As he watched her humiliated yet enraged face, the desire he felt died down.

The reason that had vanished returned to him.

His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as he lifted his slender fingers and began to unbutton his shirt.

Avery wrapped her arms around her chest and stared coldly at him.

She watched as Elliot took off his shirt, then covered her with it with the flick of his hand.

His warm, familiar scent surrounded her entire body.

Avery felt hatred for him, but she could not bring herself to truly despise him.

Elliot walked out of the restaurant with his upper body b***d to the world.

Avery panted. She was like a fish out of water.

When the phone in her bag rang, she snapped back to reality.

She took off Elliot’s shirt, then picked up her bag, and left in a hurry.

Over at Sterling Group, Chad took in a sharp breath after receiving a phone call.

Was the world going insane?

He could not believe that his boss, Elliot Foster, had run off to some hotel to throw a fit.

Not only had he made his bodyguards kick out all of the other guests, but he had also thrown cash around the restaurant…

The most ridiculous part of it was the fact that he had taken off his shirt and left it there.

If this was a drama, then it would be an outrageous farce!

Half an hour later, the restaurant’s manager personally sent over Elliot’s shirt and cash.

Among the other items sent over were two buttons from a woman’s blouse.

“Whose buttons are these?” Chad asked as he held the buttons in his hand.

“I think it belonged to a certain Miss Tate.”

“Avery Tate?”

“Yes! They broke into a fight at the restaurant, and almost started getting it on.”

Chad was at a loss for words.

Did “getting it on” mean what he thought it meant?


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