When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 246

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 246

Tammy took out a t-shirt for Avery.

“What on earth happened to you? How did you manage to fall and rip the buttons of your blouse off?” Tammy looked at her all suspiciously and guessed, “Avery, did you get into a fight with someone?”

Avery replied as she put on the shirt, “Yeah, you guessed it.”

“And you lost right? You look terrible. Shall I hire you a bodyguard?” Tammy said as she poured Avery a glass of warm water. “You are the owner of a multi-billion dollar company now. It’s essential to have one. Look at Elliot, he has a bunch of bodyguards following him around. I heard they are all extremely well trained…”

Avery smiled wryly and said, “If that’s the case, I don’t need to hire anyone else.”

Tammy asked, “Why?” and as she asked the question, she understood. “Is he out of his mind? What would you have against that dirtbag?”

Avery took a sip of the water and placed down her glass.

“Thanks for the shirt. I’m heading back to the office now.” Mike had called her to get some updates on the discussion.

She needed to head back now. “I’ll see you out,” said Tammy. She was worried about Avery.

“No need, I’m fine. I promise. This isn’t the first time we fought,” Avery responded half-heartedly.

“I know, but this is the first time he has laid his hands on you!” Tammy said as she thought of something. She turned around, walked to the cabinet, took out a bottle of pepper spray, and handed it to Avery, “Take this with you. You can use it the next time he decides to assault you.”

At the Tate Tower, Mike was surprised to see Avery in a different set of clothes.

“It didn’t go as planned?”

“Yeah,” said Avery.

“That’s alright,” Mike comforted her and said, “We can recruit a few more sales agents and sell it ourselves.”

Avery nodded and continued, “I thought so too. After all, we just started. Slowly but surely we’ll get there.”

Mike was never interested in managing a business or making money. He stayed with Avery out of gratitude. He would allow her to guide the company as she saw fit.

“Mike, I think we should use our international profits to fund this project. We might be able to recuperate our losses and make some profits, or we might lose it all,” said Avery after a long pause.

“Don’t you worry about this; we can always make more money! Just stay put,” Mike said as he placed his hand on her shoulders and continued, “We had a rough time with sales too when we first started Alpha Technologies.”

Avery was slightly comforted by Mike’s words. “Perhaps it was because I was a nobody back then, so I didn’t feel pressured about the outcome.”

“Just focus on your business, don’t get stuck on what other people say about you,” said Mike.

Avery felt a huge relief as she laughed, “You sound extra clever today, Mike.”

“Haha! Come on, I’ll take you shopping. This shirt is just awful on you,” said Mike as he grimaced at the shirt. “It’s your birthday this weekend. You have to dress up!”

Mike pulled Avery out of the office.

Elliot arrived at Sterling Group late in the afternoon. Chad followed him.

“Chad, I’m not going to Avery’s party this weekend,” Elliot said in a tone Chad was all too familiar with.

Chad was aware of why Elliot had changed his mind. He knew that his employer had had a huge argument with Avery this afternoon. It would be a hard blow for Elliot to recover from.

Elliot was sensitive about his reputation.

Elliot felt that he would be the target for ridicule after he had ripped open her blouse and flung money at her.

Though the restaurant had been void of people, he was sure that a bunch of people must have been peering in from the outside. “I’ll go with Ben then,” said Chad/ “We shouldn’t both be absent.”

Elliot was distracted by the black bag on the table and asked, “What’s this?” Chad coughed; he could not find the words to tell Elliot what it was.