When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 248

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 248

Chad’s face turned hot. “Thought someone said he wasn’t going to come today?” huffed Chad silently to himself.

Why had Elliot suddenly appeared? Did his words not mean anything?

Both Ben and Chad dashed toward Elliot as they tried to ask him their questions.

Elliot answered, “I just happen to be around the corner, so I thought I’d drop by and check the party out.”

“I thought you’d be too chickened to come!” Mike walked toward Elliot and pulled him toward the bar. “Today, we are gathered here to celebrate Avery’s birthday. Rule number one, no yelling is allowed, and secondly, no fighting. Let’s all drink!”

Mike handed Elliot an empty glass before proceeding to fill it with liquor.

Avery was stunned. Did they really intend to start drinking before they had dinner? She saw a group of men staring at Elliot, and she noticed that Mike seemed to be their leader.

She realized what was happening! As she made to approach them, Tammy stopped her. “Let them be!” She pulled Avery to the side, “Did you forget how he treated you a few days ago? I warned Jun not to save him. You too should not try and save him!”

Avery blushed, “But dinner hasn’t even started yet-”

“I’ll get them to serve the food,” said Tammy.


Moments later, the food was served. Tammy got Avery to sit down and said, “Avery, this dress looks gorgeous on you! It wasn’t your idea to wear this, right?”

Avery blushed and replied, “Mike chose it for me.”

“I knew it. I’m going to get him to come shopping with me next time. He has great taste,” Tammy made the decision to befriend Mike.

“He’s an expert at selecting clothes,” said Avery. Her feet were still hurting with all the walking she had done. Mike was fine though.

“Avery, I think you should remind Mike that Elliot’s not very good at drinking,” Jun looked at Elliot worriedly.

“Thought you were on our side?” Tammy glared at Jun.

“Of course I am! But what if he gets too drunk and something bad were to happen?” Jun took a look at Elliot’s table and continued, “They already finished a bottle of liquor in thirty minutes!”

Avery stood up, intending to walk over and stop them.

“Avery dear, Elliot is not alone. He’s with Ben and Chad. They will take good care of him, don’t you worry.” Tammy held her hand and pulled her back into her chair and said, “Plus, he has a girlfriend now. He doesn’t need your concern.”

Avery calmed down as soon as she heard what Tammy had said.

Ben and Chad helped Elliot, so Elliot had managed to keep his consumption of wine relatively low. Mike pulled Chad away and said, “Let’s drink one on one, Chad!”

Chad, glass in hand, walked away with Mike. The table grew quieter in the absence of Chad and Mike. After all, Mike had been the one leading the plan. The rest of them were not as courageous as to get the president of the Sterling Group drunk.

No one dared to go up against him.

Ben raised his glass and laughed as he said, “Let’s toast!”

They resumed drinking again.

Avery felt relieved when she saw Mike leave the table. She picked up her fork and started eating. “Avery, did you like the gift I sent you?” Tammy asked, chatting away.

Avery laughed, “Of course! But how did you manage to keep so many ugly photos of me?”

Tammy had given Avery a photo album for her birthday.