When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 249

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 249

Avery had flipped open the album to find that it was filled with photos taken during their college years.

It was a precious gift. “We are best friends, that’s how! Other than my own photos, the rest of them are mostly yours,” Tammy said as she looked at Avery lovingly. “A toast to a friendship that lasts forever!”

Avery raised her glass and cheered, “Friendship forever!” She took a sip and placed the glass down.

Someone patted her shoulder. It was Ben looking red. “Come sit with us, Miss Tate!” Ben pointed at the table next to hers and said, “Tell your staff to behave themselves, any minute now and we will be hammered.” Ben looked rather pitiful.

“You’re kidding Ben, you are a master at drinking!” teased Tammy.

Ben sighed and said, “That was all in the past. I’m getting older now…”

Avery got up and followed Ben to the next table. Ben signaled her to sit where Mike had once sat. The seat was next to Elliot’s. She glanced over at Elliot and saw him staring sharply back at her.

She sat down as he was making her uneasy.

“Miss Tate, have some juice,” Ben said as he poured her a glass of juice and asked Elliot, “Do you want some?”

No one was trying to make Elliot drink in her presence. Elliot raised his glass of liquor and drank by himself.

Ben awkwardly placed down the jar of juice.

“Miss Tate, Happy Birthday. Cheers to you.” A manager stood up and raised his glass to her.

“It’s not my birthday today, you don’t have to drink with me,” she said and took a sip of her juice. The manager felt embarrassed as the glass of liquor was still in his hand.

Elliot stood up and raised his glass and said in a hoarse voice, “I’ll drink with you guys!”

Avery took a deep breath and looked past Elliot, and she caught sight of Ben.

Why blame it on her staff when Elliot was the one asking for drinks from everyone?

Ben dug out his phone and sent Avery a text. It read, [He glanced at your chest. I guess he didn’t expect to see you dress sexily.]

Avery replied, [I can wear whatever I like. If he doesn’t like it, he may leave!]

Ben replied, [I don’t mean it that way, Miss Tate. Let him drink if he wants to. Just ignore him.]

Avery placed her phone on the table. Elliot glared first at Avery, then Ben. He indicated that he knew they were talking about him behind his back.

He raised his glass, took a sip, and said, “Do you guys know, what’s the most important thing about running a company?”

The supervising managers were dumbstruck. Where did that come from? Were they suddenly going to get a free seminar on business management?

Avery looked stunned as well. She could not tell whether it was her or Elliot who was drunk.

She looked at him and he now looked surreal. Elliot felt hot, and he loosened his collar.

“To start a company is easy, but to maintain it is another story. To keep the company afloat, you got to have some management skills…” Elliot opened his mouth again.

The managers all placed down their glasses and listened to him attentively.

Ben sent another text to Avery saying, [He’s trying to warn you. He’s worried that you will go broke.]

Avery read the text as she blushed a deep red.


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