When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 250

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 250

Elliot suddenly held Avery’s hand. She released her grip on her phone, and he instantly released her hand. Ben was right, he was directing the speech toward her. The managers’ jaws dropped.

Oh s**t! Was something about to happen? Avery’s face b****d, and she took a gulp of the juice that she had filled her glass with.

Fortunately, today was not her real birthday. “Getting a lecture on my birthday, what a treat!” thought Avery sarcastically. Elliot went on and on about his secrets of success while drinking with everyone.

It seemed as if he had forgotten that today was her birthday.

Avery had two plates of pasta and a plate of fresh fruits. An hour later, and he was still droning on. She propped her head up with her hand as she gazed at him.

Elliot cleared his throat and turned to her, “Avery, you got everything I said jotted down?”

“Let’s drink!” Avery looked down as she helped herself to a glass of wine and poured one for him, “It’s been ages since I knew you, and we have never drunk together!”

As Elliot thought about it, Avery had finished her glass.

Tammy looked at the table next to hers. “Avery has gone mad!” she gasped in surprise.

Jun said to Tammy, “In the end, it will be Avery who will end Elliot tonight, not Mike, and certainly not the managers.”

As Jun spoke, Tammy saw Elliot raise his glass and down its contents. She gasped, “What are they playing at?!”

Jun continued, “It’s obvious. These two are attracted to each other. Either they get back together, or they become each other’s worst enemies.”

“They are never getting back together. There is Zoe and Shea… Even if Avery went mad, she’ll stay away from a relationship with him,” Tammy said with a scoff.

They continued drinking for another half an hour.

Elliot was d**d drunk, and Avery had drunk quite a bit too. She rubbed her fingers against her temples, forcing herself to stay awake.

Mike was the last man standing. Everyone was high except him. Mike dragged Ben away for more drinks. Turns out, that Mike had planned to get them all drunk!

At ten thirty, Zoe appeared at the banquet hall with a cold expression. Her heels clicked against the marble floors, and they caught Avery’s attention. They looked at each other.

“Happy Birthday, Miss Tate,” Zoe stood taller than Avery, and she looked down at Avery as she spoke, “I’m here for Elliot.”

Avery had too much to drink. She tried to speak but nothing came out of her mouth.

She waved her hands signaling at Zoe. That was the best she could manage for now.

“Miss Tate, why did you get Elliot this drunk? You knew that overconsumption is bad for one’s health. I thought you would care for him since you used to be with him!” Zoe reprimanded her as she, with the help of Elliot’s driver, tried to support him.

They could not get him to the parking lot as he was heavily inebriated. Zoe had no choice but to get a room. The driver left as soon as they got Elliot into bed. Zoe took out the bottle of liquid Cole gave to her. She must seize the opportunity tonight.


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