When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 251

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 251

“Have some water, Elliot!” Zoe said as she propped him up on the pillow and placed the bottle of water against his lips. “You must be feeling lousy. Here, drink and you will feel better.”

Back in the hall, Avery felt a lot soberer. However, she now felt a lot worse than she had when she was drunk. She knew she could no longer allow herself to be entangled with Elliot. Nothing good would come out of it.

“Zoe was such a snob!” Tammy walked over to Avery and comforted her, “Don’t pay attention to what she said. She should take a good look at herself in the mirror.”

Avery took her purse and prepared to leave as she said, “I’m only mad at myself.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Tammy said.

“I’m being ridiculous,” Avery muttered to herself. “I keep imagining that we still have a chance together… Tammy, please give it to me if I see him in the future!”

Tammy nodded, as she wanted the best for her friend. “I’ll get you home!”

Tammy held her up and said, “Don’t worry about the rest of them, Jun will make the necessary arrangements.”

They took the elevator down. Avery spotted Elliot’s car when they exited the building. “Oh dear, look at you! You can’t even let go of the sight of his car,” said Tammy, slightly berating her friend.

“I heard that Zoe got a room in the hotel. Elliot was too drunk tonight. Nothing will happen between them tonight,” she added.

“Was the added imagery necessary?” Avery asked.

“Tighten your seatbelt now!” Tammy teased her and continued, “Get some sleep tonight, Avery. You deserve better.”

Avery felt touched. Her phone rang as she was about to say something. It was Mrs. Cooper. Avery felt odd that Mrs. Cooper was calling her, but she answered it anyway. However, before Mrs. Cooper could say anything, she heard a loud wail.

Shea was crying. Tammy was about to start the engine when she heard the wail.

“Avery, I can’t get through to Master Elliot. I had no choice but to call you- Shea keeps crying for Master Elliot. She has missed him. She isn’t calming down. Is Master Elliot there at your party? Can you please pass my message along to him?” Mrs. Cooper sounded anxious.

All of this, just as Avery swore that she would no longer have anything to do with the man.

“Tell her you can’t,” said Tammy, reminding Avery of her vow.

Avery could not say the words, even when she desperately wanted to. She found the wails painful.

“I’ll go get him,” Avery hung up as soon as she was done reassuring Mrs. Cooper.

Tammy was about to lecture Avery when Avery said, “I’ll see myself home later. Go home and get some rest, Tam.” She was fully sober now though her eyes were red and she sounded hoarse. “I know what I’m doing.”

She got out of the car and closed the door behind her.

Tammy thought of what Jun said as she watched Avery walk back into the hotel. “Either they get back together, or they will be enemies for life,” she thought.

Avery checked with the receptionist for Zoe’s room number.

It was Room V906.

Avery took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell. There was no answer.

She tried again, no response.

As she was leaving, the door opened. Elliot appeared, but his shirt was buttoned wrongly and his chest was flushed. His brows were furrowed as he was experiencing a bad migraine.

He pulled Avery into his arms and stared at her face with his bloodshot eyes.


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