When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 252

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 252

Avery felt a sharp pain in her nose as Elliot crushed her to his chest. She looked around the room with her watery eyes. Her nose was still smarting.

“Where was Zoe? Why was Elliot alone in the room? Wasn’t she supposed to be taking care of her drunk boyfriend?” wondered Avery.

She pushed him, but Elliot embraced her tighter than before.

“Don’t leave me, Avery…” He carried her, “I miss you so much… I’ve missed you every day…”

Elliot murmured those words to her as he carried her over to the bed. Avery’s heart ached as she watched him. He was completely drunk! They said drunk words were sober thoughts.

Did it mean he had a place for her in his heart?

He pressed her into the bed as he stared lovingly into her eyes. “Let go of me, Elliot Foster!” whispered Avery as she cupped his face with her hands. “Shea is crying because she needs you. Mrs. Cooper called me, and she wants you-”

He silenced her with a kiss.

Did he just ignore the part where she mentioned Shea? Did he not care about her?

Usually, he got anxious every time he heard Shea’s name. What was wrong with him tonight?

She bit his lips, hard. The faint scent of blood suffused the air between them.

“Elliot Foster, do you know what you’re doing?” sobbed Avery as tears streamed down her face. “Shea is crying at home! Can you hear me? She’s waiting for you to get home!”

Elliot pursed his bleeding lips, and he took a deep breath. Tears fell from his eyes just when Avery thought he was going to speak.

His tears caressed her cheeks. “I heard, I heard! Avery, I’m not going back. I’m staying with you…” His voice, though rough, was filled with determination.

All of her defenses broke down when he said that. They kissed again.

Avery did not push him away. She did not have the energy to fight him anymore. She kept remembering his face with his eyes filled with tears. It was all too painful to bear.

How did they end up here?

Zoe came back with the shirt she had bought from a menswear store.

As she walked into the room, she heard m***s coming from the bedroom.

The bag fell to the carpeted floor. She could not believe her ears. She walked toward the door that stood slightly ajar. She pushed open the door.

Elliot was on the bed with- Avery! They were lost in each other.

Avery again! Zoe’s hand curled into a fist, and her face darkened.

How she wished she could walk in and pull on Avery’s hair and chase her out of the room.

Alas, Elliot covered her. Was Elliot not drunk? She had to pull Elliot off her first if she wanted to chase Avery away.

Zoe would not dream of doing that.

She felt helpless, and she was only able to watch them from afar…

Zoe’s tears fell off silently. She felt so wronged! She wanted to turn away and leave, but she could not. Everything must go according to plan.

If she abandoned things now, all her months of effort would be wasted. She gritted her teeth and closed the bedroom door.