When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 255

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 255

Mike coughed and said, “There’s no need to get the cops involved! Avery, where are you right now? You sound exhausted.”

Avery stood up with the support of the pillar next to her and lied, “I’m at home.”

“Oh, were you still sleeping? Get back to bed! I’m fine, I just feel wronged. Chad is being unreasonable. He blames me for everything!” Mike felt better after his rant.

Avery got a cab and headed home.

She popped a fever pill and fell asleep in her bed. Laura did not manage to ask what happened to her.

At the old mansion, Elliot had been in the shower longer than an hour. He was still thinking about last night, and he could not accept that it was Zoe he had slept with. He could deal with Zoe anytime, but how could he ever face Avery?

He was more certain than before that he was still very much in love with Avery.

He could no longer lie to himself. It was clear that he was not going to be able to forget her.

Elliot got out of the bathroom and stumbled upon Mrs. Cooper and Shea. “Master, Shea waited for you all night,” Mrs. Cooper said.

“That’s it!” thought Elliot. He remembered that Avery had found him to tell him that Shea was waiting for him! He felt a sharp pain in his heart. “Did she or did she not come last night?” he wondered.

He clearly remembered that she had. The memory of them being intimate in bed-.

How did Zoe end up in his bed?

“I couldn’t reach you last night, so I called Avery for help. She promised to look for you, but you didn’t come home last night… She didn’t manage to get you.” Mrs. Cooper said to Elliot.

Shea had cried till about three in the morning. She had only stopped because she was exhausted.

Mrs. Cooper too was exhausted. Elliot was shocked. He looked down and muttered, “She found me… I heard her telling me-”

Mrs. Cooper said, “Oh? Then you must have been too drunk to come home I’ll get you some aspirin. It should help with the hangover.”

She left Elliot and Shea in the room. He looked at Shea; her eyes still swollen from all the crying last night. “Shea, why did you cry last night? Did you miss Big Brother?”

Shea looked down and shook her head, “I’m afraid of them… They hit me…”

Elliot embraced Shea and said, “Did you have bad dreams last night? They are already d**d. Now, Shea, I will protect you forever! No one is going to bully you from now onwards!”

“But… you weren’t here last night,” Shea sobbed.

“I’m so sorry, Shea.” Elliot felt his heart throb in his chest.

He got dressed as Shea fell asleep. Elliot was experiencing a dreamlike reality. He needed to talk to Avery.

A black Rolls-Roice was parked at the entrance of Starry River Villa. Laura closed the gate the moment she saw his car.

“Grandma, why did you close the door?” Layla asked confused.

Laura’s face was grim, “Elliot Foster is outside, you’re not allowed to open the door! Understand?”

Layla nodded her head vigorously and went looking for her brother.

Elliot looked at the locked entrance. He took out his phone and called Avery.


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