When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 256

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 256

“Sorry, the number you have dialed cannot be reached, please try again later.”

Avery had switched off her phone.

Elliot scowled. Despite being physically close to her, he felt as though they were miles apart.

Both Layla and Hayden were in the mansion when she told him that Elliot was here. Hayden immediately went to his room to retrieve his drone the moment he heard her.

“Hayden! What are you doing?” Layla’s eyes widened as she watched him in confusion.

“I’m chasing him away!”

“Oh! Hayden, do you need my help?” Layla desperately wanted to help.

Hayden brought over a soft pipe and passed it to her.

Elliot stood majestically outside the door of the mansion. He was unwavering in his determination to see Avery today.

Twenty minutes later, a drone slowly flew down from the second-floor balcony.

When the bodyguard saw the drone, he frowned, “What in the world?!”

The bodyguard would not have picked up on it if it had been a normal drone, but this one was flying straight at them, and it had a pipe attached to it.

Elliot looked up and spotted the drone as well.

The drone was flashy with its colorful and stylish design.

Just as Elliot was trying to figure out who was controlling the drone, they heard a’ beep’, and a stream of water trickled down from above.

The drone hovered over Elliot’s head. The pipe was attached to the indoor tap, and it was there to drench Elliot with water.

“C**p!” The bodyguard immediately started dragging Elliot toward the car. “Avery is such a spiteful woman to have used such a trick!”

Elliot refused to get into the car and shook off the bodyguard’s hand. “It’s not her doing. She is not this childish.”

Though he could not see who was controlling the drone, he could guess that this was probably Hayden’s doing. If Hayden could master the art of hacking, controlling a drone would have been easy for him.

The drone continued to follow Elliot. It moved when he did and stopped when he stopped. Water from the pipe continuously rained down on him. Soon, his hair and clothes were completely drenched.

Furious, the bodyguard said, “I’m going in!”

“Stop!” Elliot commanded.

If his bodyguard had barged in, it would have served to only deepen Laura’s resentment, and he did not want to be in conflict with Avery and her family.

“D**n it! This has to be that brat, Hayden! I’m going to beat the c**p out of him the next time I see him!” cursed the bodyguard as he searched the car for an umbrella. Unfortunately, they had not brought one.

When Laura saw what was happening outside from the first-floor window, she immediately went upstairs.

“Hayden! Get that drone back here right now!”

Hayden frowned and refused to take his hand off the controller.

Elliot had not left, and he wanted to chase him away.

Layla held the pipe and explained sweetly, “Grandma, we are making the bad guy Elliot go away!”

Laura went and turned off the tap, before saying to Hayden with a stern expression, “Hayden, if you don’t bring that drone back, I’m going to tell your mom right now.”

Though Laura did not wish to see Elliot, she could not allow the two children to act so insolently.

Hayden immediately guided the drone back while Laura glanced through the balcony window.

Elliot was soaking wet, but he remained standing as his bodyguard helped wipe off the water with tissue paper.

Laura scowled. She struggled to decide whether she should go outside and apologize for what the children had done.


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