When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 257

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 257

She simply could not find a way to change her views on Elliot.

“Mr. Foster, let’s go back!” the bodyguard said. “Your clothes are wet. If we don’t go home and get you changed, you will catch a cold.”

It was early autumn, and even with the sun above their heads, the temperature had dropped significantly.

“I’m not cold,” Elliot said in a steady and calm voice.

Seeing how stubborn he was, the bodyguard realized that Elliot was not going to change his mind and resorted to waiting alongside him.

Shortly after, a red Porsche Kayenne slowly drove toward. It stopped beside Elliot. The car window rolled down, and Mike poked his head out.

“Hey, why are you here?” Mike was shocked to see Elliot drenched from head to toe. “Did it rain?”

The bodyguard glared at him impatiently, “It’s that brat Hayden’s doing!”

“Oh… As expected of Big H! He always has the guts to do what I wouldn’t dare to!”

The bodyguard could only stare daggers at him.

Mike cleared his throat and got out of the car. “You two look so silly standing here! Allow me to invite you in!”

With that, he strode toward the mansion’s entrance.

After a few moments of hesitation, Elliot followed.

Mike keyed in the password and unlocked the gate.

When Laura saw Mike leading Elliot into the house, her expression darkened, but she did not say a word.

“Laura, I’ll just take him to get a change of clothes. I won’t stop you if you want to chase him out after that,” said Mike to Laura.

Laura nodded, and so, Mike brought Elliot up to the second floor.

Hayden and Layla heard the sound of footsteps and immediately ran to stand outside the door of their mother’s room.

“We are going to protect Mom! We won’t let that j**k near her!” they thought.

When Elliot reached the first floor, he instantly spotted the two children, who were standing before a door. The look of determination on their faces betrayed their mother’s whereabouts.

Elliot realized that was Avery’s room, but he did not go over.

“Elliot, your assistant is way out of line!” said Mike as he led Elliot to his room. “And so is your chief financial officer! What the h*I!! The two of them ganged up against me! The wound on my face has barely healed and now, I’m bleeding again!”

The siblings sighed a breath of relief when they saw Elliot entering Mike’s room. They opened the door to the master bedroom and snuck in.

Ever since Avery took the medicine, she had been sweating profusely; but the more she sweated, the colder she felt. Even with the blanket, she felt as though she was standing in snow.

Layla and Hayden stepped toward the bed, and they were both terrified when they noticed Avery shivering like a leaf caught in a gale.

Hayden placed his hand on her face and realized her skin was burning hot.

“Layla, stay here with Mom! I’ll go get Grandma!” Hayden said, before rushing out of the room.

He ran downstairs and brought Laura with him. When Laura saw the state Avery was in, her face paled in fear.

“Mike!” Laura came out of the room, calling for Mike. “Avery is running a fever! We need to send her to the hospital!”

Mike darted for the door at the sound of Laura’s voice, but Elliot beat him to it. By the time they were in front of Avery’s room, Elliot had shoved Mike aside and entered the room.

Avery’s mind was foggy, so she had no idea what was happening when Elliot picked her up.

Her head hurt and her body felt heavy. For a moment, she wondered why she was still feeling horrible after having taken her medicine.

“What’s going on? She was just fine when I called her this morning.” Mike followed Elliot downstairs. “Laura, stay home and watch the kids, I will drive Avery to the hospital!”

“Drive safe!” Laura said as she sent them off.

Elliot carried Avery into his black Rolls-Roice, and his bodyguard instantly drove off.

Mike was left standing alone outside, thinking, “What’s going on? Did Elliot just kidnap Avery?”


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