When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 26

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K**l him?

Avery frowned.

Although she hated Elliot, she never thought of k*****g him.

Even if the child in her belly was now gone, it was impossible for her to have this thought.

Besides, could she really k**l him?

Seeing that Avery was hesitating, Cole said, “My uncle is on a business trip now. You go back and think about it. Avery, as long as you can k**l Elliot, I can marry you right away. I will give you whatever you want. I have told my parents about us and they are very supportive.”

Cole’s attitude was sincere and his eyes were earnest.

When she was in love with him previously, she had always wanted to be recognized by his parents.

However, he had been reluctant to disclose their relationship.

Now, she no longer needed the approval of others.

“What if I fail?” Avery asked him. “If he finds out that I want to k**l him, do you think he will keep me alive? Cole, you were a coward before, and now you’re just the same. If you want to k**l him, you do it yourself. If you can’t bear the consequences of the failure, then don’t do such illegal things!”

Cole’s expression instantly froze. He did not expect that Avery would refuse.

“It won’t fail. We’ll poison him. You only need to poison him, and there won’t be any trouble in the future. My grandma will definitely collapse, and my dad will handle the rest…”

“Since it’s so safe, why don’t you do it yourself?! He will return to the old mansion once a week. You can poison him while he’s back in the old mansion.” Avery suggested.

Cole was stunned.

“Cole, I don’t think you’ve been beaten enough.” Avery looked at him and said bluntly, “Elliot is your uncle. How could you attack your own blood-related kin?”

“Oh, Avery. I treat him as an uncle, but he doesn’t treat me as a nephew.”

“Isn’t it because you bribed his lawyer when he was sick and he found out later that he punished you?” Avery said, “Although I hate him for being heartless, I haven’t lost my mind.”

After speaking, Avery got up and decided to leave.

“Avery! Don’t go first! Let’s have a meal together! It doesn’t matter if you don’t stand by my side,” Cole pleaded. “Now our family relationship with my uncle is irreconcilable, even if I don’t make a move on him, he will still definitely suppress me.”

Avery could sense the hint of conspiracy from his words.

“You really plan to poison your uncle?” Avery sat down again.

Cole continued, “If you don’t help me, then I won’t necessarily poison him. I may think of other methods that are less likely to be discovered.”

Avery asked, “When are you going to do it?”

Cole saw that she asked for the details, and asked her in return, “Avery, you won’t tell this plan to my uncle, will you? Do you want me to d*e?”

“You’re flattering me. Do you think Elliot will still care about me?”

“Oh… I haven’t decided when to start. After all, he hasn’t come back yet. We’ll see about it after he comes back,” Cole said.

After lunch, Cold was picked up by the driver.

Avery went to the hospital where she had made documentation before.

The hospital had an inescapable responsibility for the disclosure of her personal information.

Besides, she wanted to know who went to the hospital to check her information.

“Miss Tate, I didn’t leak your information. No one came to me to check your information. Would you like to ask someone else?” The doctor who helped to make Avery’s documentation previously brushed away his responsibility immediately.

Avery said, “If you don’t help me to find out who did it, then I’ll take you and this hospital to court. Now is a society ruled by law, and I believe that the law will restore justice for me. If the law fails to do so, I’ll expose everything to the media…”

“Hey! Don’t be so impulsive!”


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