When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 260

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 260

Avery’s eyes darted away for a brief moment, but then, she started chuckling, “Is this the first time you two slept together? It has been a long time since you went public with your relationship. How innocent.”

Elliot’s expression darkened. “Speaking as if you have plenty of experience. Have you slept with any other men besides me?”

She beamed at him, “Of course!”

Hayden was a “man” too, after all.

The composure on Elliot’s face faded.

“Avery Tate! I will be damned if I come looking for you again!” he said through gritted teeth before storming out of the room.

Avery watched as he disappeared, and the smile on her smile collapsed.

It was good that he would not come looking for her again. That way, they could both live their separate lives, but why did she not feel happy about it at all?

She held onto the blanket and took a deep breath. It still smelt like him.

The door swung open, and Mike strode in.

“Avery, did Elliot do anything to you? D**n that guy! I was supposed to send you to the hospital, but he beat me to it!” Mike walked toward the bed and sat down before reaching over to touch her forehead. Her skin was cool to the touch, which meant that the fever had broken.

“He was the one who sent me here?” Stunned, Avery’s lashes shivered.

“Yeah! He went looking for you at your house, and Hayden soaked him in water. He was drenched from head to toe, so I took him inside to change. That was when we discovered that you had a fever,” explained Mike. “What did he say to you just now? He looked so angry when he left!”

Avery could not be bothered and simply said, “He didn’t say much. Why is my blanket here as well?”

“Elliot carried it over! He’s strong! I couldn’t even catch up to him while he was carrying you.”

Avery did not want to hear any more of Elliot and glanced at the IV bag on the side. “There’s still one bag left. I will sleep for a bit.”

“Sleep!” Mike helped tuck her in.

Three days later, the sales department of Tate Industries received an order for drones.

“Sterling Group wants to buy our drones!” The manager of the sales department checked the order over and over again and reported it immediately after making sure that there was no mistake.

Mike took the information about the order and went directly to Avery.

“Sterling Group’s purchasing department has ordered five thousand Storm series drones from us,” Mike exclaimed. “What do they plan to do with so many drones?”

Avery took the order form from his hand and had a look.

“Our Storm series drone’s selling price is set at nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine per unit. Five thousand units will cost them ninety-nine million nine hundred and ninety-five thousand dollars!” Mike took a deep breath and said, “Why don’t we upcharge them? If we charge them twenty thousand dollars per unit, we will earn more than one billion dollars from this order alone.”

Avery thought that she heard him wrong. She had originally thought that they ought to give discounts to clients with such big purchases.

“You can’t be thinking about giving him a discount, can you? Avery, do you think that Elliot Foster would care about that money? Aren’t you underestimating his wealth?” Mike took the order form back and said, “It’s a big order; I need to check with Chad.”

Avery watched as Mike left, and her brain started to run at high speeds. Elliot must know that his company was about to make a purchase worth a billion dollars. Furthermore, it was a bulk order.

She glanced at the calendar on her desk. The Autumn Festival was approaching.

Could Elliot be planning to give a drone to each of his employees as a gift?

Mike headed back to the office and called Chad using the intercom.