When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 261

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 261

Chad picked up the phone. “Hello.”

“It’s me.”

Chad glanced at the caller identification and responded in a cold tone, “You need anything?”

“Careful with your tone, or we might not be selling you the drones,” Mike threatened.

Chad scowled and retorted, “Get over yourselves! Who wants your drones?”

Mike paused for a moment. “Your boss, of course! We received an order from your purchasing department, or is it a scam?”

Chad took a deep breath. “So you are saying that my boss instructed the purchasing department to put in an order for drones?”

“Yeah! Didn’t you know? Haha, and here I thought your boss trusted and confided in you. Looks like you aren’t worth that much,” Mike said sarcastically, before hanging up

Provoked, Chad immediately went to verify the matter with Elliot.

Elliot looked up from the computer screen and said, “We always distribute gifts to our employees every Autumn Festival, and for this year, it is going to be drones. Do you have a problem with it?”

Chad was defeated, and he shook his head frantically. “No! I’m just a bit surprised.”

“It was decided last night,” Elliot continued casually, “Though I’m no longer in contact with Avery, the products her company produces aren’t bad.”

He would never forget how he had been chased by the drone, and how he had gotten drenched when he had gone to her house a few days ago.

Technology advanced with the passing of time, so he thought of sharing the products with his employees as well.

“Oh… Mike called me just now and I wasn’t all that polite… I’m not sure if that’s going to affect the order,” Chad said in frustration. “I should go call him back.”

Half an hour later, Chad and the manager of the purchasing department headed directly to Tate Industries for further discussion.

Avery and Mike welcomed them into the meeting room.

“You want the drones for the Autumn Festival? Five thousand is too large an order, and I’m afraid that we will not be able to fulfill it in such a short period of time,” Mike said. “Well, it’s not that nothing can be done if you absolutely have to have five thousand by then-”

Chad could not stand Mike’s arrogance.

“Who exactly is the client here?! We are! So why are we taking this from him? It’s not like Tate Industries is the only place selling drones in this country!” he thought.

“How many can you produce by then?” Chad asked seriously. “We will take what you can produce, and purchase the rest from a different company.”

Mike raised an eyebrow. “Haha, is that what your boss says?”

The manager of the purchasing department leaned toward Chad and whispered, ” Mr. Rayner, please adjust your attitude. Our boss only wants the drone from Tate Industries.”

Chad picked up the glass and took a sip of water.

“If you insist on getting five thousand units,” Mike continued, “then we shall move some stock from some of our overseas branches, but the price will no longer remain at nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars per unit. We will need to raise the price.”

Chad could feel the blood rushing to his head at Mike’s words.

“Shut up for a moment! I need to call my boss!” Chad turned on his phone and called Elliot.

Avery picked up the glass and took a sip of water.

Mike was right. The factories under them did not have the scale to manufacture five thousand drones at such short notice. If they were to move stock from overseas, they would need to take into consideration the cost of taxes and transportation. More importantly, the drones would fetch a higher price overseas than they would locally.

Chad was having a hard time accepting those terms as he believed that customers were supposed to be gods.

Chad suppressed his anger and explained the situation to Elliot.


“Chad,” Elliot said coldly, “do you think I don’t have the money to buy her drones?”

“Mr. Foster, that’s not what I mean… I just think that they are bullying us!” Chad said in a low voice.

Avery tapped her fingers on the table and signaled Chad to pass her the phone.

Chad readjusted his spectacles and said, “Mr. Foster, Miss Tate would like to speak to you.”


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