When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 264

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264The box had been in the same spot for the past twenty years, and there had been no problems before. Now, it was gone!

When he noticed that the box was gone, he immediately took all the books down from the third rack. As the shelf was attached to the wall, there was no possibility that the box could have fallen down a crack.

After a while, he moved all the books to the ground and searched through the books once again. The shelf was empty, yet he still could not find the box.

“Who is it?!” he thought. His vision grew red with rage. “Who came into my study and took what‘s mine?!”

He vaguely remembered seeing the box about a month ago.

He immediately made a call to the surveillance room. “Pull all the footage from the recent month! Someone has been in my study!”

The bodyguard was terrified. “Yes! I will have the footage pulled immediately!”

“Gather all available personnel to comb through the footage!” Elliot bar ked as his heart thumped nervously.


Mrs. Cooper’s heart sank when she took Shea back to the living room and saw the dark expression on Elliot‘s face.

“Sir, what happened?”

“Someone took something from my study,” he said.

Mrs. Cooper gasped.

“Compile a list of people who have been here in the past month and give it to me as soon as possible!” he said. The command given, he took Shea‘s hand in his a nd lead her to her room.

Shea was slightly startled.

Once they were back in her room, Elliot held her hands and said, “Shea, have you been inside my study room?”

She shook her head.

“It‘s okay, I‘m just asking.”

Shea remained quiet for a while, before muttering, “What did you lose, Big Brother? I can help you look for it.”

A bitter smile appeared on Elliot‘s face. “I will find it, so don‘t you worry.”

“I didn’t take it…” Shea lowered her gaze sadly.

“I know you didn‘t.” He led her to the bed and sat her down.

Due to the lack of mental development, Shea was sensitive and fragile, and she could not adjust herself like ordinary people could. He had to find a way to cure her.

He decided to change the topic to a more casual one. “Tell me, Shea, what birthday gift do you want? I will buy it for you.”

The tension left Shea’s expression. She considered for a while, before saying, “I want… Hayden to play with me.”

Elliot scowled, troubled by her request. However, he did not want to disappoint his sister. After all, it was not an impossible request.

Mrs. Cooper came to the room once she had compiled the list of names.

“Sir, I have placed the list in your study room,” she said. “I will tend to Shea now.”

Elliot stepped out of Shea‘s room and strode to the study.

He was familiar with all the names on the list. However, the names: Zoe, Avery, Mike, Hayden, and Layla caught his attention. Before they had come, the box had always been on his shelf.

Elliot first crossed Avery‘s name off the list, knowing that Avery would not possibly take what belonged to him. He did not know why he trusted her so much, but it felt as natural as trusting himself.

After that, he moved his pen to Mike‘s name.

Two of his bodyguards had dragged Mike into the living room, and he h ad not been upstairs, so how could he possibly gain access to the study room and the box?


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