When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 265

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Along with Mike’s name, he crossed Hayden’s name off as well.

Hayden had been to his house twice, but he had remained in the living room during both visits.

Layla, on the other hand, did go upstairs, where she had later been discovered by the others. However, the girl did not seem all that bright, or she would not have broken down crying at the time.

He did not cross Layla’s name off the list, but he turned his attention to Zoe.

Could it be Zoe?

There were people around every time Zoe visited, and she would not have had the opportunity to take something from the study.

Left with no other options, all he could do was wait for the surveillance footage.

Elliot had spent the entire night in the surveillance room, combing through the footage. He did not rest for a moment.

The day he had taken Avery home, the surveillance cameras had been hacked, and there was a three-hour gap. At that time, he had only needed to know if the cameras were still working, but now, he needed to know what had gone wrong.

He returned to his bedroom and try as he might, but he could not fall asleep. When he had discovered that the box was gone, he felt as though his heart had been crushed and ripped apart. If only he could face his dark past, he would have never had to divorce Avery.

At noon, the bodyguards had finally finished watching all the footage from the previous month.

“Mr. Foster, we checked the surveillance outside your study, but no one has been inside apart from you and Mrs. Cooper,” the bodyguard reported. “Every time Mrs. Cooper came out, all she had were her cleaning tools and nothing else.”

Elliot shut his eyes in despair. He had never suspected Mrs. Cooper to begin with. After all, she had served him for many years and had always remained dutiful and loyal. If Mrs. Cooper wished to betray him, she could have done so long ago.

“The surveillance cameras stopped working the day Miss Tate brought her two children over. Could it be possible that someone went into the study room during that time?” suggested the bodyguard.

Elliot’s eyes darkened. Once the bodyguard excused himself, he picked up the phone and called Avery.

When Avery saw him call, she answered, thinking that he was calling to discuss work.

“Avery, I lost something,” his voice was hoarse and hollow from the lack of sleep.

For a moment, she was taken off guard, “What did you lose?”

“It was still there a month ago. I spent the whole night going through last month’s surveillance footage but didn’t find anything. A while back when you came to my house, your son broke my surveillance cameras, and there there are three hours of missing footage.”

Avery realized what he meant and felt her heart sink. “Elliot Foster, I didn’t take anything from you! I wouldn’t!”

He had given her plenty of expensive gifts from back when they were together, but she had not taken any one of them away with her.

“I don’t doubt you.” His heart ached at her tone, and he asked, “Can you ask your kids to see if they had taken a red box from my place?”

“I haven’t seen a red box at my house, and if they had taken something from you, they would have told me,” she said confidently as she shut her laptop. “I will go home and have a look.”

“Alright,” he said in a gloomy tone.

Avery felt her heart soften slightly and asked, “Did you stay up the entire night? Was it something important?”

“Very.” He reached up to massage his temple and said in a tortured voice, “If you find that box at your house, please don’t open it.”

“Okay.” Avery felt a lump in her throat. She wanted to comfort him but was not sure how. Perhaps the best comfort for Elliot at the moment would be to recover what he had lost.

She stepped out of her office and strode toward the elevator.

She had always known that he was hiding something, but she had not expected him to lose the box with said secret in it.

She wondered who had taken it, but she was certain it was not Hayden or Layla.

Though the children resented Elliot, they would not possibly steal. However, Avery still decided that she would search the house thoroughly.

What if the box was really in her house?


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