When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 266

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 266

Laura was at Starry Villa, and she was shocked to see Avery hurry in.

“Avery, have you had dinner?”

“Mom, have you seen a red box in our house?” Avery tossed her purse to the couch and walked toward the children’s room.

“A red box?” Laura followed her and mumbled, “I don’t think so. Why?”

“Elliot lost a box like that,” blurted Avery. “He checked the surveillance footage and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, but Hayden had hacked his surveillance cameras when he went to Elliot’s a while back, and Elliot suspects that something had happened during that time.”

Laura scowled. “He thinks Hayden took it?”

Avery looked at her and said, “Mom, I know that you don’t think that Hayden would do such a thing, and neither do I; but how many things has Hayden done that have been out of line so far?”

Laura sighed heavily but did not argue. “A red box, right? Is there something important inside?” she asked as she began searching.

“He said it’s important,” responded Avery with a heavy heart.

“If it’s that important, why not keep it somewhere secure?” Laura was confused. “If Hayden can just walk right in and take something that important to him, it means that he didn’t place it in a secure spot.”

“There are bodyguards guarding his house day and night, and there are surveillance cameras everywhere,” explained Avery.

Due to the tight security, no matter where Elliot had chosen to place his belongings, no ordinary person would dare take anything.

Laura did not say anything.

The two of them searched the children’s room thoroughly but did not find the box, so Avery stepped out of the room and started looking around the mansion.

An hour later and they still had not found anything.

“Avery, if he suspects us, then ask him to come look for it himself.” Exhausted, Laura sat down on the couch.

Avery took out her phone and went to the balcony to call Elliot.

“I didn’t find that box you were talking about in my house,” she said. “When the kids return from school, I will ask them about it.”


“Elliot, what will happen if you don’t find the box?” Avery could not help but feel concerned.

“Nothing,” he said, not wanting her to overthink things.

“Oh… if nothing is going to happen, then go get some sleep and try looking for it again once you have rested.” Avery felt slightly relieved and said, “Sometimes things just slip past us when we get flustered. Maybe it will appear when you stop looking for it.”


Elliot had searched his entire mansion multiple times, and he had technically come to the conclusion that the box was not in the mansion.

He had no clue as to who had taken it. If Avery’s children had taken it, then it had to be in her house. If it was not there, it could only mean that her children did not take the box.

Who else could it be?

Why would someone take it and not use its contents against him? Even if the thief was not interested in money, were they not interested in harming Elliot?

If the contents of the box were to be published, Elliot would fall. However, nothing had been published.

If the thief did not intend on hurting Elliot, why did they steal the box to begin with?

Elliot simply could not figure it out.

He lay on the bed, trying to force himself to sleep, but he could not regain his former composure.

That evening when the two children had returned home from school, Avery had inspected their school bags. There was nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing in there were spare clothes and textbooks.

“Mom, what are you looking for?” Layla batted her doe like eyes, curiously.

“Layla, Hayden, have you two taken a red box from Elliot’s house?” Avery bent down to look the two of them in the eyes.

Layla instantly flushed as she panicked, and her heart throbbed nervously.