When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 268

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“It’s better you don’t go. Shea is there as well, and with those two there guarding him, you are definitely going to feel provoked,” Tammy said. “Elliot’s isn’t all that mentally stable. I had thought that maybe his company had run into trouble, but Jun said nothing has happened. I was thinking that it has something to do with you?”

Avery walked back to her office chair and sat down. “You’ve overestimated me, Tammy. He didn’t break down when I divorced him, so I don’t think that I matter that much.”

“Then why is he acting so oddly? It can’t be because of Zoe, right?” Tammy muttered in confusion. “I heard that she has been visiting the old Foster mansion frequently lately. That woman is too good at scheming!”

The more she heard about Elliot and Zoe, the more composed Avery found herself becoming. Perhaps, she might be able to maintain her calm if they were to get married one day.

Elliot and her were two parallel lines running in the same direction but never crossing, and they would only move further and further apart in the future.

“Tammy, how are things between you and Jun?” Avery changed the subject.

“Same old, same old! He decides to keep trying until the end of the year, and if my parents aren’t satisfied by then, he will go home and carry on the family business next year,” Tammy sighed. “Not everyone has Elliot’s mind for business. Maybe both Jun and I are destined to take over our family businesses.”

“You really are a spiritual high-born.”

“As if I can be in front of you,” Tammy chuckled and said, “Avery, I’m actually quite glad that you are not going to visit Elliot in the hospital.”

Avery pretended not to be concerned. “It’s not like he is terminally ill.”

“Will you go see him if he is?”

“If he is, then out of humanitarianism, I have to pay him a visit before he dies.”

Tammy laughed. “It’s going to be his birthday soon; will you attend the party if he invites you?”


“Oh, well, he doesn’t plan on celebrating anyway. He never does.”

“Then why are you asking me?”

“Just checking to see how determined you are!” Tammy acknowledged Avery’s resolve and said, “Now I’m no longer worried.”

After hanging up, Avery hesitated for a while, before finally calling Mrs. Cooper.

Mrs. Cooper picked up almost instantly. “Avery?”

“Mrs. Cooper, it’s me.” She hesitated for a few seconds, before asking, “I heard that Elliot is in the hospital, what happened?”

Mrs. Cooper sighed. “It’s his stomach. Something happened, and he had not slept for two whole days. In the end, he was so exhausted that he slept for two days, and because of that, he hadn’t eaten for three days. His stomach acted out.”

“Oh, so it’s not that he refused to eat on purpose?”

“No. He wanted to eat when he woke up, but he vomited blood after eating.” Mrs. Cooper thought back to the scene and felt terror flood her veins.

Avery was relieved. As long as Elliot had not refused to eat, it should be nothing serious.

“Don’t worry, he will get better in a few days,” said Avery to comfort her.

“Yeah. Have you visited him in the hospital?” Mrs. Cooper asked.

“No, I’m quite busy,” Avery explained.

Mrs. Cooper could tell that it was an excuse.

“Mrs. Cooper, don’t tell Elliot that I called you,” Avery said in a troubled voice. “We broke up, and we are supposed to lead our separate lives.”

“Alright, I won’t,” Mrs. Cooper said understandingly, before suddenly changing the subject, saying, “Avery, your son, Hayden, is he Master Elliot’s son?”

Avery’s heart sank at the question.


“Maybe I shouldn’t have asked that?” Mrs. Cooper said apologetically. “I have met Hayden twice, and I feel like I’m looking at Master Elliot every time I see him. They look similar, and they have similar personalities as well. Don’t worry, I’ve only spoken to you about this, and I won’t say anything in front of Master Elliot.”

Avery did not remember how she ended the call. She was not sure if she should feel glad that Elliot had never suspected Hayden to be his. She did not want him to know about the children back then because he hated children to the point that he might hurt them. Now, there was another reason why she did not wish for him to know.

There were two women by his side, and no matter the circumstances and how they ended, it would not be appropriate for the children to reacquaint themselves with their father. If they were not going to reconnect with him, then there was no point for them to learn the truth.

During Autumn Festival, the five thousand drones that Sterling Group had ordered from Tate Industries hovered over the Sterling Group’s building, changing into different formations and colors in the night sky under Mike’s control.