When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 269

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 269

“Chad, aren’t our drones great?” Mike asked proudly as he bit into an apple.

Chad glanced at the smug expression on his face and suddenly realized that Mike was not as bad as he thought he was. Chad had even started to think that he looked rather handsome.

“They are alright! Don‘t get too proud. Your drones are not perfect, and they could do with some improvements,” Chad said pridefully.

“Even you guys in the Sterling Group can’t claim to be the best, can you?” Mike retorted. “We have just started; it will get better from now on!”

“Good luck with that!”

“The moon tonight looks so round!” Mike sighed at the night sky.

Chad looked up and hummed in agreement.

“Let‘s not fight from now on.” Mike turned abruptly to look at him. He looked serious, “What if we need to work together in the future?”

Chad readjusted his spectacles and said, “You really enjoy my boss’s money that you can’t get enough of it, huh.”

“Meh! We have met sillier clients overseas before.”

“The drones that my boss has purchased from you will bring far more than just the one billion you are getting. This is going to be tomorrow‘s headlines, and everyone will know that Sterling Group purchased them in bulk. There will be many people trying to do the same.”

“I know, but I just think that it‘s the least Elliot should do as an ex-husband, or does he expect Avery to be grateful?”

Chad felt defeated and amused at the same time. “But that doesn’t mean you should take it for granted!”

“Elliot did this out of his own will.”

“… Why isn‘t your boss here?”

“Neither is yours.”


Could it be that Avery and Elliot were both trying to avoid one another?

Time flew by and the season changed.

One day at nine in the morning, after dropping Shea off in her classroom at Angela Special Needs Academy, Elliot made his way to Hayden’s classroom.

When the teacher saw Elliot, she immediately left the classroom to give them some privacy.

Hayden glanced at Elliot and lowered his head onto the table in a bid to ignore him.

“Hayden Tate, let’s make a deal!” Elliot stood by the table and said, “Today’s Shea’s birthday, and she wishes to spend it with you. If you agree to keep her company, I will fulfill one wish of yours.”

Hayden opened his eyes. Though he was reluctant to celebrate Shea‘s birthday, Elliot had made him an attractive offer. Hayden thought of his mother and how Elliot might try to bother her.

After a brief moment of consideration, Hayden took out a piece of paper and a pen. He was going to get this down in writing as proof of their agreement.

Elliot was surprised that the boy was this careful, but he accepted the paper and pen regardless and wrote down the conditions, before signing his name at the bottom.

That evening, Avery came to pick Hayden up from school and was shocked to find Hayden in Shea‘s classroom.

She was shocked because Hayden hated Shea, and also because her classroom looked like it had been decorated in celebration of a birthday.

On the side table, there was a beautiful cake that almost looked like a piece of art.

“Is it Shea‘s birthday?” she wondered.

Avery pulled out her phone and checked the date.


She took a deep breath. If she was not mistaken, it was also Elliot‘s birthday.


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