When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 27

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 27

“It’s not your baby being aborted, of course you’re not impulsive!”

The doctor, seeing that Avery Tate was very emotional and that the matter was indeed somewhat serious, had to change his tone, “Miss Tate, I am so sorry. Just now, I used the wrong words. Please have a seat and drink some water first, I’ll go and have a look.”

The doctor poured her a glass of water and then immediately went to his seniors.

About half an hour later, the doctor was back.

“Miss Tate, do you know Chelsea Tierney? She’s the one who came to check your file.”

Getting the answer, Avery Tate left the hospital.

Never thought Chelsea Tierney regarded her as a pest and a thorn in the flesh!

However, there was no way she was going to be beaten passively.

She would definitely find a way to make Chelsea Tierney pay the price!

Tate Industries.

Avery Tate entered her father’s president’s office.

The vice president had been waiting inside for a long time.

“Tate, I want you to come here today because of two things,” Shaun Locklyn poured her a cup of water, “Jun Hertz’s side has changed his mind, originally he wanted to invest in us, but today he wants to buy our company for 155 million directly.”

Avery Tate saw that the vice president did not look so pleasant and guessed, “Is this price too low?”

“If the company was in its normal days, at a price of 155 million, an acquisition wouldn’t even be thought of. But now the company is not what it used to be, and the price given by Jun Hertz is just a little higher.” The vice president said, “In fact, being acquired at a low price is not the hardest part, what is hard is that after the acquisition by Jun Hertz, the core business will change. To put it simply, he doesn’t see driverless cars and won’t do this…”

“Then why does he want to do the acquisition?” Avery Tate wondered.

“They’re interested in the Super Brain System that our company designed. This system, in general terms, is artificial intelligence, and with it, there is no longer any need for a driver. Also, this system can be applied to other fields, such as, robots, drones and others.”

“Is this system so valuable?” Avery asked.

The vice president laughed bitterly. “Do you know how much your father spent on developing it? Well over 155 million. How could your father have left the company to you because he wanted you to take on his debts? He was hoping that the company would come to life with you and take Tate Industries to a more glorious future.”

Avery Tate’s eyes dimmed a few moments.

She feared she was not capable of doing so now.

“One more thing, I don’t know if your father told you.” The vice president said, “The development of the new system was in its final stages, but it was stopped when your dad fell ill. Because your dad has the stuff in his hands. He doesn’t open access and no one else can touch the core at all.”

The vice president walked over to the wall of bookshelves and pressed a button.

In a flash, the wall of bookshelves moved away, and an entrance appeared.

“We have looked for many master locksmiths to open your dad’s safe, but we have not been successful. Tate, do you know the password to your dad’s safe? He must have said something to you before he died, right?”

Avery Tate’s heart was greatly shaken.

She entered the hidden door and saw a large safe.

In this modest space she saw a family portrait hanging on the wall.

It was Dad, Mum, and her.

Her eyes reddened instantly.

She thought Dad had long forgotten that the three of them were the only family.

“Tate, since we can’t afford to keep the Tate Industries alive, then let it go bankrupt! We’ll sell this system secretly and split the money. That way we’re all rich.” The vice president pushed the glasses on his nose, his ambition clear as day, “If the Tate Industries doesn’t go bankrupt, the money paid by Jun Hertz won’t fall into our pockets.”

Avery Tate looked at his greedy face and she was suddenly alerted inwardly.