When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 273

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 273

Avery heard his question. She slightly sobered her up.

Did he think that she would spill the truth simply because she had a bit too much to drink?

He had underestimated her.

She had drunk a little too much, but it was only beer and not wine. Beer would not completely make her lose her mind.

She decided to ignore him and go to sleep.

Elliot listened to her breathing and stared at the screen of his phone, reluctant to hang up. She would have never called unless she was drunk.

Avery jolted awake at eight in the morning. It was a nightmare that had woken her. nightmare about the time when her father had just passed away.

With his d***h and the company declaring bankruptcy, Avery and her mother had wandered the streets like homeless strays. She had been thirsty and d***g for water, but they had not a penny to their name, so they could not buy water.

Avery was drenched in sweat when she woke up. She sighed a breath of relief at the familiar sight of her bedroom and whispered to herself, “It‘s in the past, Avery… don‘t be afraid.”

Just then, a man‘s husky voice came from her phone, “Are you awake?”

Avery gaped and stared at her phone, thinking, “What‘s going on? Is my phone possessed? Why is Elliot‘s voice coming from it?”

“Calm down, ghosts don‘t appear during the daytime.” She took a deep breath to prepare herself, before picking up the phone.

Elliot had heard her mumbling to herself. He looked forward to her reaction.

When Avery unlocked the phone and saw the screen, her face stiffened. The screen showed that she had been on call with Elliot for five hours.

She instantly felt like tossing her phone away.

“I called Elliot? Why?” she thought as she stared at her phone dazedly. She flushed. She wanted to ask about what had happened, but she could not bring herself to ask.

“Avery, are you awake?” He took the initiative and broke the moment of silence.

“… Yeah.” She gasped and massaged her temples. “I’m sorry… I didn’t say anything weird last night, did I?”

“Of course,” he said, “you did.”

Avery’s head started to hurt even more as she tried her best to remember what had happened the night before.

“You wished me happy birthday,” he said calmly, “and then you wished that I would get a son soon.”


Avery finally remembered. She had been drinking because James was on his way back to the country and was about to get arrested.

It was already eight in the morning, and according to the time, James had probably landed.

“Elliot, I have something I need to take care of, so bye!” she blurted out and hung up.

She got out of bed and called Officer Boyd.

Her call was immediately answered.

“Officer Boyd, have you caught James?” She could hear her heart beating as though it was about to jump out of her chest.

“Yes, he has already been brought to the station and is currently being questioned,” Officer Boyd said. “I was afraid that I might wake you so I didn‘t call.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” Avery instantly relaxed, and even her head started to hurt less.

“You’re welcome. I will keep you posted.”

“Alright! Thank you!”


At ten in the morning, Avery received a phone call from her stepmother from overseas. They had not spoken for over four years, but she had never once forgotten her stepmother‘s vicious face and hateful voice.

“Avery Tate! You think you are so smart, how dare you set up such a trap!” snarled Wanda. “If something happens to my brother, I won‘t let you off easy!”


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