When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 276

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 276

“Elliot pulled him away.” Mike pointed her in the direction the men had gone.

Avery turned to see Elliot and Wesley at a table by themselves with the bodyguards standing next to them. There was a bottle on the table, and it appeared that they intended on drinking.

Avery scowled.

Wesley did not drink very often and his alcohol tolerance was not at all great.

“Two amateurs! Let’s see who goes down first,” Mike teased.

Avery suddenly remembered that Elliot could not drink as well.

“Avery, it’s a contest between the two men. Just let them drink!” said Mike, tapping her on her shoulder.

She looked up and shoved his handsome face away. “This is all your fault!”

“I will never get fooled by Chad again! Next time I will ask him to join us instead!” Mike swore.

“There won’t be a next time!” Avery walked toward Tammy.

Tammy raised her middle finger at Mike.

It had been a while since Avery had been in contact with Elliot or seen him, and because of Mike, they had met tonight. Seeing him only added to her headache and reluctance to cut all ties with him.

“Avery, congratulations on getting that money.” Tammy took a glass of juice and passed it to Avery. “Doesn‘t matter if you can actually get it back or not, at least you have fulfilled your dad‘s wishes.”

Avery nodded. “Yeah, I intend on going to the cemetery to visit my dad tomorrow.”

“Sure! You should take the two kids with you… If your dad was still alive, he would have been overjoyed.”

Avery considered it for a moment and nodded.

Just then, her phone rang. She glanced at the caller identification and went to the side to pick up the call.

After the call, she went back to Tammy and said, “I need to go out for a bit. I’ll be back soon.”

It was a call from Wanda, who had just returned to the country. She panicked after learning from her lawyer that James might face legal sanctions, so she called Avery hoping to meet her and talk things over.

The two met at a café near the hotel.

Wanda scanned Avery from head to toe. Avery still looked the same, but her demeanor had changed drastically. Her eyes were cold and distant. She felt unapproachable.

“Avery, I did not make my brother steal that money,” Wanda had taken the initiative and broke the silence. “How could I possibly want the Tate Family to fall after all those years I’ve spent with your father?”

“My father is d**d. What‘s the point of playing the victim?” Avery exposed her hypocrisy right away. “I don‘t have much time to waste here with you, get to the point.”

“Let‘s settle this in private!” Wanda scowled, “I will find a way to return the money he stole from you! Had he not done what he did, both Cassandra and I would have a share of that three hundred million dollars. Now you can have it all, are you satisfied?!”

Wanda sounded as though she had granted Avery a generous gift.

Avery smirked. “Wanda, is your brother only worth three hundred million to you? I suppose some of your companies overseas must be doing quite well. There isn‘t a chance that we can settle the matter in private, unless, you can give me fifty billion, at the very least.”

“Fifty billion!” Wanda gasped and thought to herself, “You might as well just k**l me!”

With a vicious expression, she clenched her fists. “Avery Tate! You are being too greedy!”

“Looks like this negotiation is a failure. We‘ll just go with the law!” drawled Avery and got up from her chair.

A fire was ignited within Wanda when she saw that Avery was leaving. She stood up as well and growled, “Wait! Fifty billion isn‘t a small amount! Let me think about it!”


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