When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 278

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 278

She could feel his breath brushing against her cheeks, and it smelt like alcohol. She believed that he was drunk, otherwise, he would not have wrapped his arms around her in front of all his employees.

“You shouldn‘t drink so much if you can‘t handle it.” Avery tried to get up from his lap, but he tightened his arms around her waist and refused to let go.

“Avery, let’s drink.” He picked up the bottle and poured alcohol into the glasses. “Were you drunk last night because James was arrested?”

His arms loosened slightly, and she immediately got up from his lap. She turned to look in Wesley’s direction, but he was nowhere to be found.

“Elliot! Where is Wesley?” She stared at Elliot‘s flushed face and felt that he was getting more and more sly. His subordinates must have taken Wesley away when Elliot was holding her.

“Given how drunk he got, of course, they escorted him to a place so he might rest,” Elliot drawled and handed her a glass. “Don’t worry, I won‘t do anything bad to Mr. Brook.”

Just then, Avery‘s phone rang. She unlocked the screen and saw one new message from Wesley that said, [Avery, I‘m not drunk. He kept asking about Professor Hough‘s secret student, so I had to pretend to be drunk. He might find out about you, so be careful.]

Avery felt relieved when she saw the message but tensed almost immediately again. She looked at Elliot with mixed feelings and accepted the glass, before taking a gulp.

“What were you doing out there just now?” he asked, taking a sip from his glass.

Her breathing grew heavy when she realized that Elliot had been watching her while he had been drinking with Wesley. She felt her emotions roiling within her.

“Elliot, have you forgotten what you said?” She sat down on the chair next to him and reminded him, “You said you will be damned if you come looking for me again.”

Elliot had not forgotten. He lifted an eyebrow and retorted with a husky voice, “I came here for the gathering, not for you.”

“Ha, then why bother with what I was doing outside? Careful not to get yourself damned!” she mocked.

“Avery, you don’t believe that I’m drunk, do you?” He narrowed his eyes with interest and drawled, “If living feels miserable, I might as well be damned.”

Under the warm light, his eyes looked gentle and sensual.

Avery emptied her glass and said to Elliot‘s bodyguards, “Your boss is drunk, take him back to rest.”

With that, she walked away from him.

After she left, Elliot set the glass down and left the hall.

“Avery! What were the two of you doing clinging onto each other like that?” Tammy dragged Avery to the washroom. “Look at your face! It‘s all red! I don‘t even know what to say!”

Avery put her hands on her own heated cheeks and said, “I‘m just a bit drunk.”

“Oh. Was Elliot drunk? The way he was holding onto you was like how a hungry wolf would hang onto a lamb!” gushed Tammy. “I‘ve never seen Elliot that wild before… I‘m shocked!”

Avery was not sure whether to laugh or cry over how Tammy had exaggerated the story. “Do you not see him as human?” she sighed.

“I‘ve never seen him as a human. All this time I’ve known him, he has always been cold and untouchable… Sometimes, I think he is actually a robot.”

“If he was a robot, I would have switched him off so that he can‘t p**s me off anymore.”

Tammy was convinced.

The two returned to the event hall from the washroom and sat down for dinner.

“Who was looking for you just now? I wanted to ask, but you left so quickly,” Tammy said.

“Guess.” Avery purposely tried to be mysterious.

Tammy shook her head. “I can‘t guess. I tried when you were out… but everyone you know is here, so who else could be looking for you?”

“My stepmother.” Avery picked up a piece of meat and chewed slowly. “I might just get more than three hundred million.”