When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 279

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 279

If Wanda was willing to consider fifty billion as a price to pay, it meant that she had the money.

The next day in the director‘s office of Sterling Group, the golden rays of the sun shone through the window and into the neat office.

Elliot opened the list of students that had been taught by Professor Hough. According to what Wesley said the night before, Professor Hough’s secret student was not middle aged, nor a man, which narrowed his search by quite a lot.

Suddenly, his eyes focused on Avery’s name.

Avery was one of Professor Hough‘s students as well, but because she had chosen a career in medicine, he had simply glanced through the report on her time as a student.

Her portfolio was simple, she had done nothing more than learn and author academic papers. He did an online search on one of the papers she had written, reading it, however, felt like reading an alien language, so he gave up.

Perhaps Avery was not as simple as he had originally thought her to be. Professor Hough would not have accepted her as a student if she was ordinary. According to Wesley, had been deemed unworthy as a student and therefore, ended up as his assistant instead.

Why did Avery not continue her career path in medicine after graduation if she had the abilities and talent for it? Was it truly for money? If it was, why did she bother wasting two years studying under Professor Hough?

Elliot frowned and picked up a pen to write down her name, before branching out to writing down words such as ‘Professor Hough‘ and ‘Alpha Technologies‘. In the end, he wrote Mike‘s name next to Alpha Technologies.

The profit of Avery‘s company was a result of Mike‘s joining. Mike had once told Chad that he was an exceptional hacker and indeed, there was no information about Mike on the internet.

Why would such a skilled hacker willingly work for Avery?

Elliot wrote a question mark after Mike‘s name.

Meanwhile, in the cemetery, Avery had taken her mother and two children to visit her father‘s grave.

“Dad, Mom and I are here.” She set down a bouquet of lilies and said, “My kids are here to see you too.”

Jack’s photo was on the grave.

“Dad, I‘ve rebuilt Tate Industries. James has been arrested as well, so rest in peace!”

Following a breeze, her phone started ringing in her bag. Avery took out the phone and noticed that it was from Wanda. Without hesitation, she picked up the call.

“Avery, I’ve thought it through. I can‘t pay you fifty billion at one go, but I can draw up a contract that states I will pay you the full amount within a year!” Wanda’s voice was weak from staying up the entire night.

She did not want to spend the fifty billion on saving her brother, but her parents had threatened to k**l her, so she was left with no other option than to accept the deal.

“Oh,” Avery responded emotionlessly. “What‘s there to talk about if you can‘t even pay fifty billion?”

Wanda paused for a moment, before screaming frantically, “What do you mean?! Didn‘t you say that if I give you fifty billion, you will agree to settle this in private?!”

“What’s wrong with you? Can‘t you understand words? I said that I would consider negotiations if you gave fifty billion dollars, but after considering it for a bit, I‘ve decided to go through the legal system and let James hang,” Avery said coldly as she stared at her father’ s grave.


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