When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 280

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 280

She had never truly considered settling the matter in private. She had simply said that to give Wanda hope so that she could take it away a day later. Avery wanted her to taste what it was like to suffer.

“Very well! Avery, very well!” Wanda was so angry that her lips trembled. “I didn’t want to pay fifty billion, to begin with! It‘s not like my money comes easy!”

“Well, let‘s hope that your brother won‘t haunt you when he dies,” Avery said sarcastically. “I wonder how you two split the twenty billion you stole from us.”

Wanda could feel her blood raging in her.

“Avery Tate… Just you wait… I won‘t let you off easy… My brother and my daughter… I will take revenge for them!”

“Oh, you want to send someone to assassinate me? Aryadelle’s surveillance network and the police force’s investigation skills have long surpassed the levels of what they were five years ago. I would recommend thinking it through. Think of whether you can handle the consequences of harming another human being,” said Avery. “After all, m****r and contracting an assassin are both punishable by d***h in Aryadelle!”

The blood drained from Wanda‘s face, and she hung up.

Laura looked at Avery. “Is Wanda still as arrogant as she was?”

“She has opened up a cosmetic company overseas which earned her a fortune.”

Laura lowered her gaze wordlessly.

“Mom, she opened that company with the money her brother stole.” Avery knew what her mother was thinking and said, “It doesn‘t matter how good she is at running a business, nothing is going to cover up the fact that she was the one who got Dad k****d and left Tate Industries in a state of bankruptcy! She will get what‘s coming for her!”

Laura nodded. “It was karma that her daughter died at such a young age. Avery, all I ever wanted is for you to be well. I don‘t care about the money.”

That night, Chad called Mike to invite him out for a drink.

Mike was at home at the time and Avery immediately turned to look at him when he answered Chad’s call.

Mike had too much to drink the night before and had decided to have dinner at home, but he could not seem to turn Chad down.

“Didn‘t you drink last night? Why are you drinking again?” Mike said while glancing at Avery guiltily.

“What, you can‘t?” Chad challenged him.

Since he had made peace with Mike, Elliot had ordered Chad to try digging out some information from Mike. He wanted to know what had prompted Mike to start a company with Avery.

Could there be something else to the story?

Mike was young and would never admit that he could not drink.

“Send me the address. I‘m going there right now!” Mike hung up and walked toward Avery.

Avery gave him a sidelong glance and said, “Was it Chad?”

Mike flushed and scratched his head awkwardly. “How do you know?”

“Who else can get you out other than Chad? Don‘t you remember how drunk you got last night, and what you said to me this morning? You said that you won‘t be drinking this week,” she said.

“I meant I won‘t drink wine this week. Beer is like water to me,” Mike said proudly and stepped out onto the porch.

Avery followed closely. “Haven‘t you thought of why Chad is asking you out?”

“Huh?” Mike paused while changing his shoes.

Avery told him about how Elliot tried to pry for information from Wesley the night before and reminded Mike, “If Chad asks you the same thing, you don‘t need me to tell you what to say, do you? If you spill the beans, this is the end of our friendship!”

Mike clenched his fists in realization and snarled, “That Chad! He‘s always calling me with an agenda! D**n it! I am going to get him so drunk tonight to teach him a lesson!”

“… Don‘t do that! He has work the next day!”

“How’s that any of my business? Relax, I won‘t tell him about you,” Mike promised.

Slightly uneasy, Avery asked, “If you are in a relationship with Chad, will you tell him?“

“I won’t say a thing that you don’t want me to even if he was my wife! You saved my life and to me, you are always my top priority!”

Relieved, Avery sent him off.