When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 282

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It was a call from Chad.

“Mike said that there used to be a malignant tumor in his brain. When it got serious, he would pass out and lose consciousness. It was Professor Hough that removed his tumor,” said Chad.

Elliot said, “He still did not mention why he was working together with Avery?”

“He did. He said he likes drones. Avery possessed a system that Jack Tate invented. After he perfected Jack’s system, he was very satisfied with it, so he joined up with Avery and started a company together.”

The answer was flawless.

After the call, Elliot headed back to the restaurant. Although he resented Wanda, he was asking a favor from Zoe, so he had to show some respect to the woman.

After he entered the restaurant, Zoe immediately walked over to him and said, “Elliot, I‘m sorry. This is the first time I‘m meeting Wanda. I did not know that she was Avery’s stepmother. I rarely talk to my father, so he didn’t tell me about this beforehand either.”

After listening to her explanation, Elliot strode over to the table and sat down.

“Hello, Richard,” said Elliot to Zoe‘s father. As for Wanda, he treated her as if she were nothing more than a passing breeze.

“Hello, Elliot.” Richard smiled awkwardly. “I‘m sorry, I‘ve been abroad for a long time, and I have never discussed the past with Wanda, so I didn‘t know that you two have history.”

“It’s fine. Avery and I are divorced,” Elliot said calmly.

Wanda could see that Elliot had a problem with her. She thought for a while before saying,” Elliot, I am very sorry about what happened in the past. I‘ve also called Avery and apologized to her already. I offered her seven hundred million, but she didn‘t want to accept it.”

Elliot’s eyes swept over Wanda.

Zoe exclaimed in surprise, “You have seven hundred million dollars?!”

The amount was enormous!

She never thought that Wanda would have so much money.

“I don‘t have that much money, but if I mortgage my company, it would be enough to gather this amount. I did it to show my sincerity,” lamented Wanda. “I hoped to reconcile with Avery, but it‘s not going well.”

Zoe saw how dark Elliot’s expression was, so she said, “Wanda, let’s not talk about this.”

“Okay, I‘ll stop,” Wanda knowingly stopped talking.

Returning from the meal, Elliot was even more determined that he should not follow Zoe’s advice.

If Avery knew that Wanda was Zoe’s father’s current girlfriend and possibly even Zoe’s future stepmother, Avery would stop contacting him.

Shea suddenly walked over and hugged him. Elliot felt his sister’s warmth and how much she relied on him. His chest felt tight. Although she showed more intelligence than before, she still could not take care of herself.

It was almost New Year’s. After that, she would begin the next stage of her treatment. He was looking forward to that.

However, tonight’s meeting with Wanda disgusted him. As long as he and Zoe were so-called lovers, then they might still have a second meal, third meal, and so forth with Wanda.

“Shea, do you like Dr. Sanford?” Elliot held Shea‘s hand and sat down on the sofa.

Shea pursed her lips. Her bright eyes looked at Elliot. She did not like Zoe, but she knew that Zoe was her brother‘s girlfriend.

“What about you?” Shea had learned how to answer a question with one of her own.

Elliot shook his head and explained, “I need her to treat you. Shea, she could cure you.”

Upon hearing how he did not like Zoe, Shea got bolder. “Avery can treat me too!”

Elliot furrowed his brows. He realized that things were not as simple as they seem!

“Shea, has Avery treated you before?”

She pursed her lips and nodded.

Elliot placed his hands on her shoulders. He studied her with his dark eyes, “When has she treated you? Was it when you were lost?“.

When Shea was around, she always had a nanny to look after her. Elliot could keep track of Shea all day. Thus, it was easy for him to figure out that shea had met Avery only when she went missing!