When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 284

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 284

Back then, Elliot had spent one hundred and fifty–five million dollars looking for Shea. The entire county knew of his search for her. He had not believed that Avery had anything to do with the matter.

Avery’s face flushed from Elliot’s questions! The tone of his voice made it clear that he thought that Avery had abducted Shea and had taken Shea to her house.

At that point in time, Avery had not even had the time to think. She had a high fever! If she had returned Shea to him while Shea still suffered from a fever, he would think that she had not even cared for her while Shea had been with her.

“Yes!” Avery yelled, agitated. “I was extremely happy to see you go crazy!”

Suddenly, everything went black! The lights in the house went out!

“Ah!” Shea was so frightened she immediately found someone to hug.

Mike jumped. “Why are you hugging me? Let go!”

“I‘m scared! Scared!” Shea continued exclaiming in alarm. Mike gave in and exhaled. It was just a hug! He did not lose anything by it! Why should he argue with a mentally challenged woman?

Furthermore, Elliot would soon take her away.

Just when Mike thought that Elliot would reclaim Shea, he said, “It‘s your son that took Shea out of school, right? You were the one who told him to do it!”

Mike was perplexed. What the h**l was going on with Elliot? Shea was yelling in fright, yet he did not care. Instead, he was pursuing his argument with Avery.

“Yes! I told my son to do so!” Avery‘s voice was louder than his. Her emotions overpowered his. “I deliberately got my son to take Shea home. I wanted to see what type of woman you desired; I wanted to see how powerful she was! Who would have thought that she‘s an idiot!”

Elliot could insult her all he wanted, but she would not stay calm if he had dragged Hayden into the argument.

His string of questions made Avery lose it.

He wanted her to become that evil woman, so she was going to show him how evil she was!

After what she said, the entire world went silent. Suddenly, the lights came back on!

Avery saw Elliot’s dark expression. His eyes were red, and his fists were clenched tightly. It felt as if he was about to hit her the very next second!

Avery’s heart was beating wildly. She quickly came to her senses. How could she call Shea an idiot? Even if it was out of spite, she should not say that in front of Shea!

Avery looked around in search of Shea, trying to locate where she was.

Laura and the two children were in the children‘s room, staring at Shea. Shea looked at the ground. They had all heard what Avery had said. At that moment, despite not liking her, all they could feel for her was sympathy.

“Shea, what my mommy said just now is not true,” Layla said in her childish voice. “My mommy didn’t ask my brother to take you home. My mommy is lying. So, she‘s also lying when she says you’re an idiot.”

Shea’s eyes brightened at Layla‘s words. Previously, Layla had always ignored her. At that moment, Layla was the one who had made the first move. Shea felt a little delighted.

“I am an idiot!” Shea blinked her sparkling eyes and said honestly, “Avery is not lying.”

Everyone in the room fell silent.

In the living area. Elliot‘s body stiffened. His eyes were red, and they looked watery. He looked at Avery, heartbroken, “Avery, you can hurt me, but you can‘t say that about Shea!”

His every word was laced with hatred and disappointment.

Avery was just about to apologize, but she swallowed her words.

“Take Shea and leave!” she spat coldly before striding into her bedroom.


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